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Female Hair Loss

What are the home remedies for hair loss?

Whenever your hair fall starts, it doesn’t always mean that you are having severe diseases or problems. Hair loss can even be because of your hairstyle and because of your daily lifestyle. If you are going through hair loss problem and thinking to start with some home remedies. Then you should know what are the home remedies for hair loss? If you are confused with home remedies also then I will explain in details the home remedies for hair loss.

What are home remedies for hair loss

How to stop hair loss at home?

  • Your diet needs to be checked and monitored. Habits like tight ponytails are not right as it results in hair loss.
  • If you are using heats tool like straightening, perming, or curling in which there is the utility of heat appliances, which then aggravates hair loss. Whenever you use heat products, the outermost layer, responsible for the shine starts to pull out. It really damages your hairs from the outside and your hair breaks and may even get rough, so don’t apply these heat products on your hair. If by chance you want to use it, use them occasionally. Also, make sure that you do not expose any strand of your hair for to heat for more than 8-10 seconds.
  • You need to comb or oil your hair. Using a wooden comb instead of a plastic comb is better because your plastic comb has a static effect.
  • To avoid the effects of the static effect, you should massage your hair. It has to be in slow circulation massage like whenever you put oil or whenever you take a head bath, just put your fingertips on your scalp moving in a circular motion. These are the steps by which we can prevent further hair loss.
  • If you are having a lot of dandruff on your scalp, you can use mint leaves which have antibacterial properties. You can also use castor oil which has medicated property so can also help in dandruff solution.
  • In a serious stage of dandruff so you have to use mild shampoos, which will take care of the anti-dandruff flakes.


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Home remedies for hair

  • Home remedies for dry and frizzy hair

If there is dry hair or rough hair, there may be some breakages in between. You may feel that to make your hair smooth, you can take help of aloe-vera gel or curd or even eggs. Eggs are good because it contains vitamin E that will definitely be delicious and also makes your hair more silky and smooth. But with dry frizzy hair, it is a sign of nutritional deficiency. 

  • Home remedies for oily hair

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best home remedies for oily or greasy hair. Oily hair is very frustrating. It also looks dirty and untidy. Add apple cider 2 to 3 spoon and mix in the water and rinse your hair with this water. It will help you to remove the greasiness from your scalp. You also need to frequently wash your hairs to keep it neat and tidy. You can also use egg yolk hair mask and tea tree oil to remove oiliness from your scalp. 

  • Home remedies for Normal hair

This hair type is in between dry hair and oily hair. In this hair type, you can wash your hair twice or thrice a week. Normal hair is also very healthy and has a shiny texture. You can apply plain yogurt on your scalp and apply it for 20 mins and then rinse it. It will help you in getting the shiny texture of your hair. Application of aloe vera is also good for your hair. 



10 Hair fall treatment at home

If you are at the initial stage of your hair fall, then you can follow some home remedies which can be very effective. So let check what are the tips and tricks to treat hair fall at home.

  • Egg yolk mask
  • Aloe vera mask
  • Coconut hair oil
  • Castor oil
  • Amla hair pack
  • Fenugreek seed pack.
  • Green tea hair spray
  • Fish oil
  • Onion juice

What are home remedies for hair loss

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