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Male Hair Loss

Does derma roller work

Question : –

I’ve receding hairline around my temples and I’m just 21. Its genetic in my case. Can derma roller help me?


Hello, this is a most frequently asked question in my OPD. In my 30 years of practice, in recent time only many young boys are facing this problem , I won’t say only genetic predisposition plays role in it but its kind of synchronous outcome of many factors like hectic and stressful lifestyle, non-nutritious fast food consumption, disturbed cortisol levels due to many factors and of course hereditary factor is the most important factor which you are experiencing

Here is my video on male hair loss in all


Treating receding hairline is a quite tricky job to do due to many factors which have come up recently, like the low efficacy of minoxidil on receding hairline due to some still unknown factors ( P.S.- we are conducting clinical research on it ), in some patients, medical line of treatment gets a complete resistance and many more factors

Now the exact answer to your question

YES, derma roller does work in receding hairline and other types of hair loss excluding telogen and anagen effluvium. I will tell basic mechanism of action behind derma roller. as you know it punctures your scalp with the microporing mechanism which in turns increases the vascular ( i.e. blood flow) flow to the hair root. it also increases the flow of growth factors to the hair roots.

This is all theory now I will tell you my practical opinion. if you use the only dermaroller then it might not help you to get rid of your hair loss problem. so what should you do?

Here it is according to me, these are the treatment modalities you should go for

  1. PRP
  2. Mesotherapy
  3. Minoxidil
  4. Finasteride
  5. Dermaroller
  6. Multivitamins

But please remember this is not at all my prescription, I request you to visit a good dermatologist nearby you and get examined properly for the root cause of your hair loss and get a proper prescription from him or her.

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