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How to use minoxidil and dermaroller together

Feb 2, 2019

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How To Use Minoxidil And Derma roller Together

Have you been losing too much hair of late and fear growing bald soon? Here’s the answer to your hair fall worries, and not one but two treatment solutions! Minoxidil and dermaroller are both treatments for hair loss, which potentiate each other’s efficacy when used together.


  • Minoxidil is a topical product that revives the inactive hair follicles, stopping further hair loss and stimulating new hair growth.
  • It works by helping the blood flow to the hair follicles, increasing the follicular size and hair shaft diameter.
  • It is available in different strengths, mainly as 2% and 5% topical solutions, which when applied to the scalp daily over the period of one year, has been proven to be effective in about 85% of the patients.
  • The results vary depending on individual response and the relentlessness of hair loss progression.

How does Minoxidil work for Hair Loss

Derma roller

  • Derma roller is a device that uses the technology of micro needling to trigger the body’s wound healing properties and stimulate hair growth. It increases blood circulation, cell production and collagen production in the scalp.
  • It is a small rolling pin covered in metal spikes, with a handle, which when rolled over the scalp, causes micro-injuries to the scalp tissue.
  • The scalp them reacts to produce new skin over the areas of injury, releasing human growth hormone and other chemicals to assist with it. These chemicals, while encouraging the skin to regenerate and heal, also stimulate hair growth in the affected areas.
  • Derma roller has been proven to be effective in most cases, but its effectiveness may vary depending on genetics, sex, diet, age, and health condition.

How to use a derma roller?

  • The size of the needle you choose will depend on how much hair remains on your head. If hair is sparse, 0.25 mm-1 mm needle is required.
  • Wet your hair before using the device, to prevent your hair from getting tangled in the roller.
  • Begin using it at the front of the scalp or near the hairline and work your way down the back of the head.
  • Focus on one section of the scalp at a time, rolling over each area 10-15 times, horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.
  • Roll only in one direction when the needles are in contact with the scalp (don’t go forward and backward) to prevent any scratches.
  • Make sure that the pressure you apply is only moderate to avoid over irritating your scalp and prolonging recovery time.
  • Repeat this until you have covered all areas requiring treatment.

Using Minoxidil and Derma roller together

Both minoxidil and derma roller are hair loss treatments the work best on hair that is in the active stage of growing (anagen phase). Derma roller can be used with or without minoxidil.

Method I: Dermaroller with Minoxidil

  • Using a derma roller immediately before or after applying minoxidil massively boosts the absorption of minoxidil, making it a much more effective hair loss treatment overall.
  • The most effective way to use minoxidil with derma roller is to first roll the scalp with the roller, then apply minoxidil to the roller area; though you can carry it out the other way round, too, if you prefer. It is essential to apply minoxidil as soon as possible after rolling for optimal effect because of the temporary channels created in the skin by the derma roller close within 30 minutes.
  • When you are using derma roller along with minoxidil, use a needle length between 0.2 mm-0.5 mm. Avoid using a longer needle to prevent deeper absorption of minoxidil and its resulting side effects.
  • Derma roller causes your skin to lose moisture, and minoxidil, too, has a drying effect on your scalp due to its alcohol content; so some irritation, itching, redness may present as side effects.

Method II: Dermaroller without Minoxidil

When using the derma roller without minoxidil, prefer using a needle that is 0.5 mm-1 mm long.

Combine Methods I and II

For achieving the maximum benefits, combine methods I and II. Use a shorter needle length derma roller (0.2 mm-0.5 mm) 2-3 times a week with minoxidil to enhance its absorption, and use a longer length derma roller (0.5 mm-1 mm) once a fortnight to promote better regeneration of the hair follicles.

Professionals from HairMD Clinic have experience in guiding patients through both the treatments discussed here for hair loss, and optimizing them maximally.

Contact us at HairMD Clinic for any queries or consultation regarding hair loss and its treatment.

Does Dermaroller work for hair loss?



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