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Male Hair Loss

Can I apply minoxidil solution without consulting a dermatologist

Minoxidil is one of the most used drugs for hair fall treatment, which is proved as USA FDA approved a drug. Actually, this drug developed for treating another disease like osteoporosis but later it was found out that actually, it gives a good result in controlling hair regrowth treatment. This medication comes in the topical application form.

This medication is used widely to postponed the hair loss or will help to control the male pattern air loss. This medication should be used with a doctor’s prescription only. Nowadays this medication is available everywhere but never purchase this medication over the counter.


How does Minoxidil work for Hair Loss


Mostly 2% of minoxidil is used for females and 5% is used by a male for controlling male pattern baldness. This medication has to be used for a long duration until you think your hair is important to you. We have seen in patients lots of common side effects of this medication like itching scalp, swelling face, high blood pressure etc but it’s not completely proven. Minoxidil shows good results mostly in male pattern baldness with long use of it.


Minoxidil 2 percent vs 5 percent vs 10 percent


What is the best brand of Minoxidil

I get many questions from many patients over emails and youtube about minoxidil brands. They ask as which is the best minoxidil brand. This is a very critical topic to discuss in this kind of platform. It’s always good to meet a dermatologist and with there prescription only to take this medication.


Minoxidil Over the Counter (OTC)

It’s completely not advisable to use minoxidil over the counter without doctor’s prescriptions. It can be used after a complete checkup of your hair and scalp only. Nowadays its seen teenage group check on the internet and started using this medication without consulting any doctors and then suddenly stop using this medication starts with hair loss again. Minoxidil once started have to use for a long time, till you think your hair is very important to you. This information I think will guide you completely.


How long should minoxidil be used for Hair Loss?


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