What is the cost of Mesotherapy for hair?


Female Hair Loss, Questions, Treatment | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | June 1, 2021

Hair loss is one of the commonest problems, which affects every individual emotionally and psychologically. Definitely we have a solution for it. There are so many treatments available to treat hair loss. Doesn’t matter what treatment you are going for, it will take a minimum to 3 to 6 month to show the best possible results. As I told you, there are many treatments available for hair loss. Today will discuss mesotherapy treatment because many people have enquired about it, “what is the cost of mesotherapy for hair?

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Hair growth cycle

Our hair goes through a 3 growth cycle. Which consists of the anagen or growth phase, catagen or resting phase and telogen or falling phase. At any given time, 15-30% of your hair follicles are in the telogen phase. It is natural for this hair to fall. It is unlikely that you will never face hair fall again.


However, you need to ensure that the hair fall should be in proportion to hair growth. If this balance is properly maintained, then you might not suffer from hair thinning or hair loss.

What is mesotherapy?

  • Mesotherapy procedure is a superficial invasive treatment that can be used to treat skin and hair.
  • But mesotherapy has more effective results in hair loss as well.
  • Mesotherapy injections made up of customized cocktails of pharmaceuticals of some drugs, minerals, vitamins, plant extracts and enzymes into the scalp.
  • Mesotherapy injected on the middle layer of the skin i.e. mesoderm.

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Does Mesotherapy work for Hair Loss?

As I have mentioned earlier in Mesotherapy injection, it involves injecting over the patient’s scalp which has some botanical growth factors. And these botanical growth factors injections consist of a customized cocktail of medicines, minerals, vitamins, plant extracts and enzymes into the scalp.

While doing this procedure multiple micro-injuries made on the scalp to facilitate better penetration of the growth stimulants at the cellular level. These micro-injuries created by using the mesotherapy machine i.e Meso gun.

This treatment helps to improve the density and thickness by improving circulation in the scalp and nourishing the hair follicles.

Is Mesotherapy painful?

Mesotherapy treatment ideally performed by using a mesogun. The mesogun moves to and fro motion to create micro-injuries on the skin. These micro-injuries cause stimulation of various growth factors beneath the scalp. This sensation is often bearable and most individuals feel no to mild pinching sensation. However, if your pain threshold is low or if you are experiencing extreme discomfort, then we can perform mesotherapy under the effect of anesthesia as well.

How to perform mesotherapy procedure?

  • Before starting your mesotherapy procedure, gentle cleaning of the scalp required, with an oxypeel machine.
  • After cleaning the scalp, then a laser comb can be done, then we will start the procedure with the meso gun, causing micro-injuries to the scalp, with the help of injections.
  • While doing a mesotherapy procedure, we inject some needed medicines to the scalp.

How many Mesotherapy sessions are needed for hair?

  • Mesotherapy sessions will depend on various factors such as depending upon the grade of baldness, and probabilities of a patient visit.
  • Mesotherapy advised being done once in 15 days or a month. Your treatments will be scheduled as per your need for treatment.
  • Mesotherapy is a treatment that should be in a combination. So it’s a number of sessions that will also vary depending upon the combination of treatment.

Duration of Mesotherapy treatment

  • Mesotherapy is an office hour procedure.
  • It will take a maximum 30 min to 45 min to complete its procedure.
  • Then a person can immediately resume his office or can go back home because as such there is no down-time after mesotherapy treatment.

Side effects of Mesotherapy

  • As such there is no side effect of Mesotherapy, accept mild pain which is bearable.
  • But it will definitely help you to treat nutritional deficiency, poor vascular supply, hormonal derangement & excess Dihydrotesterone (DHT) hormone that can be neutralized.
  • Therefore it helps in improving blood circulation, stimulation of collagen, and reduces inflammation.
  • Hence leading hair follicles to grow and therefore it will survive better and mesotherapy will also help in increasing hair follicle size and hair anchoring as well.

Combination of treatment with Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss

  • For hair loss, to achieve the best possible result, hair loss treatment should always be performed in combination with other treatments.
  • Treatment that can be performed along with mesotherapy are Oxypeel, Laser comb, Low-level laser light therapy (LLLT), Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), Dermaroller, Non-needle mesotherapy.
  • Which treatment has to be done, will purely depend upon your scalp condition and hair thinning. After analyzing everything your Dermatologist will plan accordingly.

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Results of Mesotherapy

In mesotherapy treatment, Meso solutions injected into the scalp. And it will help to improve hair density and thickness, by accelerating scalp circulation and nourishment of hair bulbs by multiple micro-injuries. Through which hair growth stimulants become more bioavailable at the cellular level with better penetration. Here are the results of Mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy results before after

Cost of Mesotherapy for hair

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical and painless procedure for hair loss treatment. The cost of mesotherapy for hair will purely depend upon the individual to individual clinic. And what all biological meso solutions they are using, such as biological stem cells, peptides, growth factors which help to strengthen your hair follicles. This mesotherapy is a non-invasive treatment, therefore this treatment can not be covered in any term of a medical insurance policy.

In hair loss treatment, initially, we try to make your scalp healthy, infection-free. These growth factors start acting on your scalp and later on strengthen the hair follicle from the root. In some patients with Mesotherapy treatment, some may take a longer time to show results. You will be requiring regular follow up and medications till the time your treatment is ongoing.

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