Can I apply minoxidil and hair oil together?


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Hair loss is a major issue for people all over the world. To protect you from hair loss, minoxidil medication was introduced and it has given excellent results. Once you are aware of minoxidil, most patients will ask questions like, “Can I apply minoxidil and hair oil together?”

In this post, we try to shed light on the usage of minoxidil and hair oil together. The indications, contraindications, benefits and more.


What is Minoxidil?

It is one of the vasodilator medications that is used to treat a hair loss problem. It is also one of the US FDA approved medications for hair loss. It is available over the counter in spray and liquid form. It can be used by men and women, this medication helps stimulate hair growth. Dermatologists recommend this medication for better hair growth results. Minoxidil is available in 3 variants: 2%, 5% and 10%. The minoxidil dosage is decided according to the hair loss severity.


Does minoxidil work for receding hairline?

How to apply minoxidil?
When using this medication, you should strictly follow your dermatologist prescription. Don’t overuse this medication. To apply it follow the below procedure, step by step.

  1. Make sure your hair is completely dry before using this medication.
  2. You should apply the quantity that is suggested by your dermatologist.
  3. Don’t wash your scalp for 4 hrs after applying this medication on your scalp.
  4. Let the medication dry on its own, don’t use any hair dryer on your scalp.
  5. Avoid missing out on the medication and try to use it on time.
  6. You can Minoxidil 1ml in the morning & 1ml at night in most cases.

    Minoxidil uses and benefits

    The minoxidil uses are aimed at promoting hair growth, especially in male pattern baldness treatments. It’s used for treating hair thinning in men. It helps halt hair loss and stimulates hair growth. It’s quite effective for people under 40 years, and who are experiencing the early stages of hair fall. It’s used to expand the hair follicles that shrink due to hormonal changes and increase hair volume and density. Consistent use of minoxidil can trigger healthy hair regrowth, hence the new growth will come back fuller and stronger.

    Can I mix minoxidil with oil?

Watch this video to get complete information on minoxidil and hair loss, how to use it.

No Minoxidil must be used on its own if you want to get the desired results. It’s a potent medicine that should be applied directly to the scalp to prevent hair loss. As mentioned before, use it as per your doctor’s recommendation. Usually, they will advise that you apply it on the scalp once or twice a day. This must be done in its original form, and no carrier oil should be mixed with it. If you wish to use coconut oil, then you can apply it to the length and ends of the hair. If you want to apply the oil to the scalp then you should allow the minoxidil to sink in for some time, then you can apply the oil. It’s advised that you wait for an hour after applying minoxidil, before applying any oil to the scalp. Mixing minoxidil and hair oil can compromise its effectiveness and may not give you the results you desire

Safety precautions while applying Minoxidil

  • Wash your hands immediately after using this medication.
  • This spray should be applied only to the scalp area.
  • You need to keep this medication away from your eyes, mouth, and nose.
  • If you feel any irritation or side effects, after applying the medicine, immediately stop using it, and consult your dermatologist.
  • Don’t use a hairdryer to dry your scalp because it will reduce the efficacy of the treatment.

To learn more about minoxidil and other hair loss treatments that may be right for you, book a consultation with a HairMD expert.

Minoxidil spray

As per your comfort either you can use liquid or spray bottle. Use minoxidil as directed by your dermatologist only.

  • Make partition on your scalp and then accordingly on the hair loss area you apply the medication.
  • After spraying the medication, do massage the area with your fingertips for more spread.
  • Wash your hands immediately after using this medication.
  • This spray should be applied only in the scalp area.
  • You need to keep this medication away from your eyes, mouth and nose.

After applying if you feel irritated and other side effects immediately stop using the medication. Then consult your dermatologist.

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How to apply Hair Oil?

Take hair oil in your palm then add a little amount of water mix it and apply only on hair shaft doesn’t apply on scalp skin. Hair oil acts as a conditioner and it will give its effect. It makes your scalp smooth, shiny and silky. Applying hair oil twice to thrice a week is really good for your scalp and hair roots. Apply oil and leave it for 3 hrs and then washout. Don’t keep hair oil overnight as its not at all good for the scalp.


Minoxidil and hair oil together

If you want to use minoxidil and hair oil both without hampering minoxidil action or hair oil action. We all know that the main function of hair oil is acting as a conditioner. The action of minoxidil is it prevents further hair loss in pattern baldness or it grows hair on the vertex of a bald person. If you want to use both Minoxidil & hair oil, then hair oil it should be used before half an hour of the bath to the whole scalp or you can use hair oil after a bath. US FDA has approved minoxidil for postponing or preventing the baldness or thinning of hair especially in pattern baldness either male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness.

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