Are Hair Transplant Scar visible?


Hair Transplant, Questions, Treatment | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 5, 2021

Hair Transplant is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery in today’s time. When everyone tries to get more information online before going for a Hair Transplant. You will find a lot of confusions online regarding the prominence of hair transplant scar. Definitely, you also need to know the truth. I Dr. Dhananjay Chavan, renowned Hair Transplant Surgeon with 700+ successful surgeries happy to guide you regarding your doubts.

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Whenever you undergo any surgery, it leaves a scar. So, yes a scar can be seen after each and every hair transplant. So accordingly you should choose which method of Hair Transplant you should choose.

General information about Hair Transplant Scar:

  • A proper procedure also ensures that you should not damage the nearby follicles by over-harvesting the grafts.
  • You should also know that if the transplant procedure is not done properly then only scars can be visible. And there can be thinning in the donor area also.
  • We at HairMD, Pune use curl size loops for magnification. The punches used are made up by the experts in the U.S.A. Those punches are very sharp and very precise and work well.
  • Our team is very experienced and have good qualifications also believes in delivering the best results to the patients. They maintain a very high standard of quality in each and every step of hair transplant. To ensure the minimizing of the leftover after transplant.

For more information, you can watch a video related to Hair Transplant Scar

There are two methods of Hair Transplant FUE or FUT:

  1. FUT Hair Transplant method – It is also known as the strip method
  2. FUT Hair Transplant method – It is also known as the punching method

FUT Hair Transplant Scar:

  • In this method of Hair Transplant, a strip is removed from the scalp from the back of the head.
  • Hair from the donor area is harvested from the strip and then the treatment starts.
  • In case if the procedure goes wrong, then it can lead to the wrong linear scar on the back of your head.
  • So if you keep your hair short, then definitely the scar is visible. But if you keep your hair long then your scar is not visible.
  • Yes, FUT Hair Transplant leaves a scar at the donor area.

Does FUE hair transplant leave scars

  • In this method of Hair Transplant, follicles are removed by using small punches, to avoid having more scars.
  • After FUE Hair Transplant, invisible scars or fewer scars are seen in the donor area.
  • As it gives minimal scars, it is widely recommended and used hair transplant methodology.
  • It is the most suitable procedure for patients who like to keep their hair short.
  • During this procedure, high-quality instruments and punches are used to avoid bad scars.

How to get rid of Hair Transplant Scar :

  • Several other procedures may be used to reduce the size of the scar created because of the FUT procedure. Success for those procedures is not at all guaranteed, and some scarring is almost certain to remain after FUT Hair Transplant.
  • Effectiveness of these procedures will be determined, by the thickness of the scar as well.
  • Scar tissue can be thinned using medications.
  • Your doctor will guide you more for procedures to get rid of Hair Transplant Scars.


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I hope you have got all the information about the FUE Hair Transplant procedure and Hair Transplant Scars in details. Kindly comment and share with your friends and family. If the thought of going for hair transplant still bothers you, you are always welcome to consult our renowned specialists at Hair MD. Don’t worry at all, you are in safe hands. Even you can visit our YouTube channel, hairmdindia to see other videos related to hair. For your betterment, we have also started with a video consultation with our expert doctors.

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