What is the cost for hair transplant in India?


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You have decided to get your hair transplant done, but are you confused about the hair transplant cost in India? Well, this guide will help you understand your options. If you think you are in the initial stages of baldness, then a hair transplant can be the best solution for you. It is one of the best and successful treatments in the cosmetic field. Every day I see so many patients suffering from baldness. I have only one answer for all of them, start taking care of your hair from the beginning, and not wait till you become completely bald.

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What are the main factors that affect hair transplant cost in India?

The density needed for transplant:

Most hair plant procedures will provide 35-40 grafts per cms. The number of grafts provided will depend on the baldness severity, before the surgery.

Total grafts required:

The cost will depend on the size and side of the area that requires grafts. Sometimes it will be charged on a “per graft” basis.


Many different techniques are used to insert hair follicles. Doctors may use one or two methods for the surgery. The traditional method of hair transplant is known as FUT, which will cost 15-120 INR per hair graft. The advanced stitch, which is FUE, will cost 30-80 INR per graft. The FUE hair transplant cost in India is still affordable as compared to other countries and has made India a medical tourism destination for such procedures. FUE hair transplant is much faster and has less recovery time, and it provides a more natural look. Of course, the rates listed are estimates; you will have to consult with your doctor to know the exact cost.

Physician qualifications:

The doctor performing the hair transplant should be a board certified surgeon, with many years of experience in the hair transplant industry. If a doctor is highly recommended and in demand, they will charge higher prices. However, you must do your research and ensure that the quality of their results is worth the price you pay.

What is the overall hair transplant price in India?

Once again it depends on the city and doctor you choose for the best hair transplant in India. For instance, if you choose to come to Pune, Kolkata, or Chennai for a hair consultation, it can be cheaper when compared to cities like Bangalore and Mumbai as the costs to maintain a larger clinic also differs in these cities. The average cost of a Hair transplant starts at 60,000 INR. This is why India has seen a surge in Medical tourists, where people from all over the world come to India for advanced hair transplant treatments because of the affordable prices.

Best hair transplant clinic in India follows these parameters:

1.  The first and most important parameter is who is your surgeon? The doctor’s experience and his expertise is also a very important factor for getting a successful hair transplant. You also can be shocked to know that in a few clinics the technicians perform the hair transplant surgery. You can’t compare them with an experienced doctor.

hair transplant before after result hairmd 11650 grafts_dr_dhananjay_chavan

See how Best Surgeons can give you Best Results  

2. The second parameter is the clinic infrastructure: You must know that an Operation Theatre should be well equipped for all types of emergencies, just to be on the safer side.

HairMD clinic infrastructure images pune Minor HT OT

 Our Hair Transplant (Operation Theatre)

HairMD clinic infrastructure images pune Laser Procedures room

 Our PRP treatment section for a hair transplant patient

hairmd clinic infrastructure images pune ht restroom

Resting room for our Hair Transplant Patients (In case of extended Hair transplant surgery)

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3. The third parameter is how is the quality of the instruments in the operation theatre: You can consider a very small example like the Operation Theatre light. These lights are very expensive and a hair transplant cannot be done with naked eyes. Thus, it requires a very good magnification with precise extraction and plantation of the grafts. Do you know that punches have a direct effect on the follicular grafts and an after effect on the donor area also? So you need to know the punch prices also vary from 1200 rupees to 8000 rupees. If you have a very limited number of donor’s hair and your hair transplant is not done properly, then you are at loss.

4.  The No of grafts used for your hair transplantThis factor also takes into account the severity of your baldness; once this is gauged the surgeon will decide on the number of grafts to be used. If more grafts are used then the cost will also increase.

To learn more about the exact hair transplant cost for your procedure, book a consultation with a HairMD expert.

Precautions before hair transplant:

Lets me discuss with you a few points before going for hair transplant surgery.

  • The doctor decides on which procedure he wanted to follow depending on the availability of your donor area.
  • The technique used for Hair transplant is FUE or FUT. FUE technique is a bit expensive than FUT as it required expertise and time.
  • You should also know the technology and equipment used for Hair Transplant.
  • Required skilled Manpower or technicians.
  • Hair transplant surgeon – This is the utmost important parameter for your Hair Transplant. You should know the cost also may differ on the experience on your surgeon.
  • Location of Hair Transplant Centre – As the city also plays a deciding factor for the operational cost of the surgery.
  • The time required for Hair Transplant i.e. No of session required as per your baldness and no of grafts used.

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I have tried giving you all the information’s about FUE Hair Transplant cost in India. Kindly do comment and share this article with your friends, if you think it is helpful. I hope you choose the best hair transplant clinic and keep these points in your mind.  For your betterment, we have also started with a video consultation with our expert doctors.
Thank you for your precious time you gave in reading this article.


About Author: Dr. Sachin Pawar is MBBS, MS (Gen. Surgery), practicing general surgeon since 2000 & has completed his post graduation from KIMS, Karad. He has 17 years of very rich experience in surgical medicines & treating patients. Before starting as a full-fledged hair transplant surgeon, he went under rigorous training worldwide and majorly in the US.

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