Does menopause cause hair loss?


Female Hair Loss, Questions, Treatment | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 5, 2021

You are getting sudden hair loss and confused what can be the reason for your hair loss. If you are in your menopause journey then it is one of the biggest reason for your hair loss. Now you may be confused does menopause cause hair loss? I will give you complete information regarding it in details. Menopause is a natural phenomenon when your periods stop permanently and females between the age of 45 to 55 years are affected. It is seen in the early years in some females i.e 30’s or 40’s years.

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Does menopause cause hair loss

Relation between Hair loss and Menopause

The phenomenon is you are suffering your hair loss problem during menopause, I understand menopause is a very emotional as well as physically disturbing phase. Actually, this phenomenon is experienced by every woman on earth inevitably, hair loss is not the only problem you might be facing, you will experience mood swings, hot flashes, insomnia. Actually, because during menopause your ovaries stop working and stop secreting hormones names estrogen and progesterone which plays a very important role in keeping your hair growth normal and strong, but once their production stops your hair follicles start weakening and hair thinning starts.

Therefore there is one another confounding factor which plays a role in hair loss is that production of androgens in excess after menopause which is responsible for male pattern hair loss. Hair loss in the female during menopause is always caused by hormonal changes but other factors also can contribute to this such as nutritional deficiencies, some illnesses, emotional and physical stress.

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Menopausal hair loss treatment

Now, let’s check the treatment and how we can tackle the situation. These treatments can be helpful in menopause.

  1. Hormone replacement therapy
  2. Keep yourself hydrated.
  3. Have a healthy diet.
  4. Consult a dermatologist for more than normal hair loss.
  5. Get blood investigations done and if any abnormality finds out then try to get it treated.

Menopausal hair loss treatment

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Watch this video to get more information regarding hair loss and menopause.

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Finally, I hope you have got information on hair loss during menopause and how to tackle the situation. If you feel this topic is useful for your friends or family then do share it with them.

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