Close to 70% of men and 40% of women face androgenetic alopecia, a hair loss issue, at one point in their lives. Rigenera hair therapy is an innovative treatment procedure that regenerates hair, stimulates hair growth, and creates stronger hair by using the patient’s own stem cells.

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About Rigenera
Hair Treatment

Rigenera hair losstreatment stimulates the growth of hair in the scalp and leads to hair thickening and growth. Rigenera hair treatment is aimed at people suffering from alopecia as well as people who are suffering from noticeable hair thinning. In this procedure, a unique combination of stem cells and progenitor cells are injected into the scalp to initiate the regeneration of hair through the procedure of mesotherapy.

The Rigenera hair losstreatment is conducted in three stages –

  1. 1 to 3 skin samples are collected from the occipital area of the head as it is least susceptible to androgenetic alopecia. The samples taken are quite small and the area heals quickly after the procedure without any visible traces.
  2. The sample collected is kept in a device in the second stage. Here, a suspension containing stem cells, progenitor cells, and growth factors are isolated.
  3. This sample is injected into the scalp through mesotherapy to initiate the regenerative process.

At HairMD, our team of highly skilled doctors performs this procedure with dedication and finesse. We are equipped with all the latest tools and facilities that are used globally to provide the finest treatment available. Our doctors and therapists specialize in advanced solutions for all kinds of hair loss and transplant procedures and we have successfully treated more than a lakh patients just in Maharashtra.

HairMD boasts a success rate of 98.32% by offering proven and effective solutions for all your hair and skin issues. Our team can impeccably guide you through the procedure. At HairMD, our patients are our topmost priority. Contact us for more information.

The entire Rigenera hair growth treatment takes place in a single session and patients do not feel any sensation of pain. Through various clinical studies, the effectiveness of this pain-free procedure has been documented and it is very safe.


The patient is a donor and a receiver during this groundbreaking process, which is why the possibilities of allergies are minimal.



“Hi, I am a 40 year old male who has been suffering from pattern baldness since my 30s. Due to various responsibilities like career, family, children, loans etc. I was not able to treat my hair loss. I just ignored it. However, more and more people started commenting about my baldness and it was a source of major insecurity. Finally, I was researching on Youtube and came across Dr Dhananjay Chavan's video about the topic, he seemed very knowledgeable and I knew that I had to consult with him. I am very happy about my transplant results and glad that I took this step.”



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Sweta Kaushik

I was suffering from alopecia for the last 4 years and nothing seemed to work. I was recommended to HairMD through a friend and I was pleasantly surprised after the results. I have a head full of thick hair right now. This was nothing short of a miracle. I cannot thank HairMD enough.


Mrityunjay Basu

I started balding at the age of 17 and underwent laser treatment at a clinic. However, that was a failure. Fortunately, I came across HairMD for the Rigenera hair loss treatment and I cannot thank my lucky stars enough. I would recommend HairMD to anyone suffering from hair loss problems.


Abinash Kaur

I am so thankful to HairMD for giving me a new breath of life through a head full of hair. I was not able to find any proper treatment and the experts at HairMD guided me through the process. It has been an amazing journey.


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About Rigenera Hair Treatment

Just like every other procedure, there are side effects to this treatment as well but these are quite rare. Some of the documented side effects of Rigenera hair loss treatment are blood-clotting disorders, allergy to lidocaine in the local anesthesia, and reaction to blood-thinning drugs like Aspirin.

The total duration of the procedure is around 1-1.5 hour and injecting the sample into the scalp takes about 15-20 min However, the process needs to be repeated once every 1-2 to 3 years for the thickness of the hair to last.

This is a treatment for hair growth and it helps the hair return to its normal growth cycle. You will notice a reduction in hair loss in the first few weeks. This is followed by improved density and thickness of the hair as hair loss has reduced. Over the period of the next 6 months, you can expect a head full of new hair.

Yes. If you want faster results after the treatment, you can combine other treatments like oral supplements, hair growth spray, and even low-level laser therapy. This combination of treatment depends on the hair condition and the person's preference. However, consult your doctor before combining other treatments for a superior outcome.

The procedure is completely pain-free however, you may feel slight discomfort for two to three days after the treatment. The wounds at the sampling site can also take a week to heal, but you will be able to resume your work immediately.