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Laser Hair Removal

All About Laser Hair Removal: Information about laser hair removal Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hairs from the various parts of the body like armpit, chest, pubic region etc. with the help of laser light therapy (by exposing the area which carries unwanted hairs to laser pulses). Unwanted hair over the face, axilla, and other body parts is an important prob....Read More
How risky is LHR?

Is Laser Hair Removal a safe procedure? Does this procedure’s effects vary based on different skin types? What are the risks that I could face?


For most women and even some men, hair removal is a frequent necessity that is quite time consuming, inconvenient, often painful and even expensive when carried out regularly. Some of us face embarrassment or anxiety related to hair growth. For example, excessive hair growth on body parts that are usually hairless or have sparse growth could bring about emotional discomfort to some.


Laser therapy is a one-stop solution to this problem with little to no discomfort when compared to conventional hair removal methods such as waxing, threading or shaving. This procedure essentially involves powerful laser beams that attack the hair follicles and quite literally get rid of the problem at the root of it.


However, the machines that are commonly available are not the best in terms of technology and this is why the USA’s Food and Drug Association has not cleared this machine. But the machines made in China which are of a much better quality are not quite suitable for Indian skin. Their parameters of laser energy are different and could be harmful in several ways.


Superficial burns and hyperpigmentation are the risks which you should take into consideration; hyperpigmentation being a harmless skin condition that causes patches of your skin to become darker than the surrounding skin due to excessive melanin. So, find a doctor who has treated Indian skin before,and possesses the most appropriate machines for your skin types that are US-FDA approved.


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