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Laser Hair Removal

Is laser hair removal safe?

Now, laser hair removal is a procedure wherein various types of lasers can be used such as the Diode laser, Alexandrite or an ND YAG laser. It is targeted on the skin over the hair follicles. Due to the energy that goes into the hair follicles, the ones that are absorbed get destroyed.  So, if many procedures are done one by one over the period of about one to two months sequentially, they lead to an almost permanent reduction in the number of hair growing on the body so is it safe what we do in a laser is a beam of light in which all the waves of light are in the same phase. Technically, a laser goes at a particular depth. Every type of laser has a particular depth at which it can penetrate after which it becomes ineffective. Although, most hair reduction lasers that are there right now in the market can penetrate in the skin level but they do not go below the skin and just go up to the level of the skin till where the hair follicles are present.

It is after this that the energy gets dissipated so it is a harmless procedure. The risks that are associated with hair reduction are there, but the advantages you get after the reduction in the hair if proper energy is used are many. If the hair follicles are targeted perfectly, then there is a reduction in the growth of those hair follicles but if the energy with which the laser is used is not proper, then the energy is high and is not appropriate, then there are a few things that may happen- especially if the laser is not calibrated properly. For example, the operator or the technician or the doctor might not be trained properly, hence it is extremely important that this procedure is carried out by a doctor or a certified technician.

If you go to any clinic without research, then there are chances for side effects to occur and that is why some people say it’s not safe. The most important thing that can go wrong is a superficial burn injury. If the laser has too much energy than what is required, there is a chance of a superficial burn injury to occur on the skin which can further lead to dark pigmentation of the skin. You need to remember that all this happens only if the parameters match the technical parameters that are supposed to be used. If your skin is not examined properly by the doctor and if the laser machine is not calibrated properly or is not of good quality, then major side effects may occur! That’s why it is always advised to go to an extremely experienced person

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