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Male Hair Loss

Does PRP work for receding hairline

Receding hairline: Men after puberty can experience receding hairline at any age but till they reach 30 then they already have hairline receding. In this stage generally, they start losing their hairs from the temple area and continues to go backward. In women also suffer from receding hairline but first, they start with hair thinning and hair loss.

There are various reasons for receding hair loss, as such:

  • Family history: It is always said that receding hairline is because of genetic cause, if you have anyone from your both parents side suffering from receding hair loss then you will get a chance to have the same as well.
  • Hormonal changes: It’s also seen that female suffer from hormonal changes so much that due to which they can start with a receding hairline.

Diagnosed: Mostly in men hairline receding is the first symptom, in which from temple area they first start losing their hairs.

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Treatment for receding hairline:

  • Medications: There are medications combination with treatment can play a good role in hair receding problem. Medication as such minoxidil rubbing on the scalp can help to get hair in smaller areas. Minoxidil and derma roller are also can help in growing new hairs in hairlines, in case if you are started with hair loss.
  • Hair restoration treatment: Hair transplant surgery plays a vital role in receding hairline. In this treatment from donor area (back side of the scalp), hairs are extracted and then implanted on the hairline to create the hairline. According to your density, the no of grafts is used and grafted on the area.

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PRP is one of the best treatments for controlling hair loss, hair thinning, hair regrowth but not much useful in hair receding treatment. If you are thinking to have a good hairline, then hair transplant is the best treatment.

If you talk about PRP treatment mostly 10 to 40 ml blood is taken and then centrifuged and injected the good and healthy plasma into the scalp. This minute puncture on the scalp helps good blood circulation on the scalp and promotes in growing new hairs. It’s very important to meet a dermatologist and get your scalp checked if diagnosed in the initial stage of hair fall, so that with your doctor’s guidance, PRP with medications such as minoxidil, finasteride can help to reverse hair fall.

Is PRP effective for hair loss?


So it’s always important to meet a doctor and accordingly to follow the medications? It’s so many times seen; many people just take medications over the counter and without much knowledge of medication they start using it, in such case later you will be arrested with many side effects.

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