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Sir I was used minoxidil solution for 2 months, my Hair Loss was stopped But whenever I stopped taking a minoxidil solution hair loss is increased double. Then what should I want to do??

Hello Pramod,

There are two broad causes of hair loss one is androgenetic alopecia which is also called as the male pattern baldness or genetic hair loss and another one is telogen effluvium which is caused due to the stress which might be physical or emotional.

In the case of telogen, effluvium hair loss is temporary and usually last for 3 months and gets corrected after the cure of stress factor.

But in the case of androgenetic hair loss, this is not the case, there is genetic involvement in the hair loss and practically there is no cure for it unless you do the hair transplant. In this type of hair loss hormone named DHT acts on the hair roots on the top of the scalp and in turn this causes hair loss. Minoxidil doesn’t cure this type of hair loss completely but halts the process till the time you are using minoxidil. We suggest our patients along with minoxidil they should also use finasteride which shows great results.

Minoxidil 5% Vs. Finasteride 5 % which is better for hair regrowth


Actually, minoxidil takes 3 months to show substantial results and sometimes it shows initial hair loss which is actually a good sign indicating minoxidil converting maximum m number of hairs from telogen phase to anagen phase.

Here is my video on for how many days you should use minoxidil.


So my advice is you have to use minoxidil along with finasteride and other evidence-based medicines until the time you need hairs on your scalp.

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