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What are the causes of teenage hair loss


Hair fall is seen very rapidly in all groups of people but teenagers are also suffering. This condition is really becoming very severe if not controlled correctly in the initial period. Teenage girls and boys are equally having a problem.

Let’s talk about the reasons for teenage hair fall:

  • Alopecia: In this condition, you can see small round patch type on your scalp, if not treated in the initial period then these patches can increase in more nos. It’s seen in both teenage kids and in adults as well. Proper care and support are required from the family as kids feel shy to go in public or attend schools.
  • Ring warm: It’s a fungal infection, which is affected in any party of the body, but if it’s affected in scalp then it looks like small patches called tinea capitis. It is seen in teenagers mostly.
  • Puberty: In teenage generally a girl go through lots of physiological changes in their body, the hormonal changes are the most important factor and due to which the girls face lots of hair loss, mood swings, eating habits etc. So during this period of time, they can expect hair loss.
  • Poor nutrition: As a teenager, it’s very difficult to make them have nutritious foods like vegetables and fruits. It’s their growth time, so food should really be the best part which will help to improve their skin and hair conditions.
  • Medications: Taking medications related to hormones, due to PCOD or PCOS problem then doctors suggest taking contraceptive pills, due to which you can get lots of hair thinning as well as hair loss also.
  • Anemia: Due to a lack of nutritious foods, there can be iron deficiencies in the body, so which can lead to anemia and then the loss of hair loss is seen.
  • Diabetic: the teenage kids who are having juvenile diabetics and which is one of the reasons for hair fall.
  • Stress: as we all know teenage kids get lots of stress due to studies, activities, nowadays competition, then which may give them stress and tension, which results in air loss.
  • Styling products: kids follow the trends of fashion and due to which they use lots of hair products, which is having lots of harsh chemicals. Those chemical s results in hair loss.
  • Repetitive illness: a lot of kids fall ill frequently due to multiple reasons, and it is also one of the reasons for hair fall in kids.

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Let’s talk about 5 ways to control hair fall in teenagers:

  • Having well-balanced foods including Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Omega 3 fatty acids etc.
  • Avoiding using hair driers on an everyday basis.
  • Reducing the stress level on them.
  • Gently brushing the hairs regularly.
  • Doing regular nourishment makes the hair roots stronger and healthier.

Clinical treatments for teenagers:

  • Mesotherapy: As they are very young, so dermatologist concern is very important to do any treatment. So mesotherapy is considered as one of the good treatment for them. In this treatment, we use vitamins and minerals boosters to get to make sure your hair roots get good blood circulations and which helps in controlling hair loss.
  • Low laser light therapy: In this treatment light rays is used to control hair loss and then helps in new hair roots.
  • Ketoconazole containing shampoo: if you are having dandruff, then it’s important to get your scalp checked and then using a medicated shampoo. This will really make your scalp look more clear and strong and helps in controlling hair loss.

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  • Medications: Medications like vitamin deficiencies with these treatments will help in improving the hair control & give healthy scalp.

It’s always important to get yourself checked with a dermatologist and then use medications, don’t use over the counter medications, which can make the condition more worst.

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