All about laser hair removal


Blog | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 4, 2021

All about laser hair removal Treatment

If you are looking for information on get rid of unwanted hairs, then you are on the right website. Today we will understand all about laser hair removal. Dr Dhananjay Chavan will explain you so and do read this blog till the end to get complete idea on that. 


Facts about laser hair removal


Laser hair removal is a process to remove unwanted hairs from our body. It is one of the common facts which we all are aware of. Here are some benefits:

  • It is a highly precise procedure.
  • It can help to remove hair while not damaging your skin.
  • The average sessions required for patients (male or female) will differ. But for your information, three to seven sessions may require.
  • It is a fast process that targets a lot of hair together due to laser radiation.

If you are tired with your unwanted hairs, it is the best technology to opt for. Now let’s check what are the laser hair removal facts.

Tips before hair removal

Some preparation is required from your side to undergo successful laser hair removal. You have to limit waxing, plucking, electrolysis for six weeks before the treatment. The laser removes the hair from the root. The growth is important for precision. Sun exposure is also to be avoided for six weeks before the treatment and after the treatment. For a day or two post the treatment, your skin will look as if it is sunburned which will subside and give the desired results.

How many sessions required?

Although the average span for sessions ranges from 3-4 sessions for most patients, you might even require 7 sessions depending on the hair follicle growth and your response to the treatment. Do not give up on the treatment midway, because it would be a waste of time along with wastage of money.  To get hair-free smooth legs are not far away, talk with your technician for better help.

Most of the doctor’s or technicians claim that laser hair removal is permanent, but which is not. It takes years for the hair to grow back but they eventually do come back. By permanent, in clinical terms we mean that the duration it lasts for, it has a great display of negligible hair.

Must Read

How many sessions for laser hair removal?

Do watch this video, it will be very useful for you.

Best laser for laser hair removal

There are various levels of treatments done for laser hair reduction. You can always consult us and we will tell you the best-suited treatments as per your requirement and budget. The gold level is the most preferred one and has the most effective results. In the market, many laser machines are available, such as Diode laser, IPL laser, alexandrite, Nd YAG etc. Among all mostly preferred is diode lasers.

Its always better to consult a dermatologist for better help, as they will suggest you on the no of sessions to be used. Follow the protocol as your technician suggest you.

I hope now you have learned a lot about hair removal and its treatments. If you feel this is useful for you then you can share with your friends and family members.

Thank you so much for reading our blog!

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