Benefits of Mesotherapy for Hair


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | November 14, 2022

Benefits of Mesotherapy for Hair

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Mesotherapy for hair is a procedure in which the scalp is provided with substances that aid in hair growth. This treatment procedure leads to improved blood circulation in the scalp region, which further results in better hair growth. While conducting mesotherapy for hair, multiple microholes are created in the scalp, through which, nutrients that stimulate hair growth are injected. Mesotherapy benefits the existing hair and also boosts the growth of new hair. Here we will look at the benefits of mesotherapy for hair growth and scalp health.

Amazing Advantages of Mesotherapy for Hair

  • Mesotherapy activates the hair follicles and thus boosts hair growth.
  • Mesotherapy is less time-consuming and minimally painful.
  • It is a non-surgical procedure, in which a meso solution prepared using peptides and amino acids is used.
  • Since mesotherapy for hair loss is non-invasive, one can return to his/her routine soon after getting the treatment. This procedure has minimal side effects..
  • Mesotherapy leads to improved blood circulation and hence promotes hair growth.
  • Mesotherapy for hair loss is highly effective because the substances administered through this procedure, are injected with precision and directly into the dermis.
  • The procedure stimulates the hair follicles by triggering growth factors, which play an important role in hair growth.
  • It promotes the generation of collagen which helps hair regrowth.
  • It improves cell metabolism and accelerates the growth of existing hair follicles, while also promoting new hair growth.
  • It reduces and prevents the thinning of hair.d.
  • It is said to promote thicker hair growth.
  • The mesotherapy for hair loss cost in India is quite affordable.

Thus, you can see that the benefits of mesotherapy for hair are many and this being a non-invasive and time-effective procedure that gives very good results, it is surely one of the best treatment methods for hair loss.

Before deciding to go in for this hair treatment, you should consult a qualified dermatologist who will assess your hair condition and advise you well on whether mesotherapy can work for you and how many mesotherapy sessions would be required to achieve optimal results. For search queries like ‘Hair mesotherapy near me’, you may get a list of different facilities around you that provide this hair treatment. One of the most reputed hair clinics in Pune is HairMD. They have a team of experienced dermatologists who specialize in treating hair conditions. At this hair transplant centre in Pune, you will get the best guidance and the most effective treatment for your hair condition. Consulting the experts at HairMD will surely help you attain healthy and beautiful hair.

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