What is dandruff fungus and How to get rid of it?


Blog, Dandruff | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | September 30, 2022

Dandruff is a scalp condition that causes the skin of the scalp to get flaky. It may lead to itching and irritation, and most commonly it causes the scalp skin to flake off and the flakes to fall on the clothes. As it is embarrassing to have the white flakes seen by others, dandruff affects one’s social life. Dandruff is not contagious or painful, but it hampers one’s self-esteem and that’s the prime reason why people with this scalp condition seek quick treatment for the same. 

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One of the common reasons for dandruff is a fungus called Malassezia. This fungus lives on the scalp of many healthy individuals but according to a certain theory, those with a weaker immune system react more to this fungus, which causes such individuals to get dandruff, and it worsens due to stress or illness. What is dandruff fungus? Dandruff is not a fungal infection. It represents the scaling of the scalp, but this condition is also linked with a yeast-like fungus Malassezia. While a dry scalp is marked by smaller, dry flakes and an itchy scalp, the symptoms of dandruff include oily, white, or yellow flakes that are large in size, oily, red, and scaly skin along with an itchy scalp.

What is seborrheic dandruff? Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin condition that affects the scalp, eyebrows, chest, ears, Eyebrows, Chest, and Ears leading to scaly patches, redness of the skin, and dandruff that does not go away easily. Seborrheic dandruff treatment includes OTC as well as prescription corticosteroid creams and topical steroids, anti-fungal medicines, and medicated shampoos.

How to Get Rid of Dandruff Fungus? 

  • Ketoconazole shampoo is effective against dandruff-causing fungus. These shampoos may have other ingredients like selenium sulfide or zinc which are also helpful in getting rid of dandruff fungus.
  • Tea tree oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties due to which it is an excellent remedy for dandruff.
  • Medicated shampoos with antifungal ingredients are helpful in treating dandruff caused due to fungus.
  • If home remedies or OTC shampoos do not work, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist. He/she will diagnose your scalp condition and administer a dandruff treatment that suits you.

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