Does Wearing a Headband Damage Hair?


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 1, 2023

Does Wearing a Headband Damage Hair?

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The link between a headband and hair loss is often less understood. Some believe it to be a causative factor for  hair fall and breakage of hair while others think of a head band as the best accessory to keep their hair looking tidy. It should be noted that just wearing a headband is not the reason behind hair loss, but how you wear it, what material it is made of, and how tight or loose it is, are the factors which determine whether a headband can damage the hair. How to wear a headband without damaging hair? What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a zig zag hair band, metal headband and a spiral hair band? Do all headbands lead to hair loss? For answers to questions like these, you must read on.

Headbands and Hair Damage: Things You Should Know

Simply put, headbands cannot be considered the main culprit for hair loss. As you know, hair fall or hair breakage has several reasons and more than headbands, a tight hairstyle is the reason behind hair breakage. So, wearing a hair band loosely, just so that it keeps the hair from coming on the face is not damaging on the hair.

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