Why Are You Suffering From Hair Loss at the Front of Your Head?


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 21, 2023

Why Are You Suffering From Hair Loss at the Front of Your Head?

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Receding hairline is a common problem that both men and women can experience. Receding hairline causing the forehead to look big and temple hair loss are early signs of frontal hair loss. 

Here are some of the causes that can lead to forehead hair loss or frontal hair loss. 

  • You May Have Androgenetic Alopecia 

The most common reason behind receding hairline is a genetic disorder called Androgenetic alopecia. In males, this phenomenon is termed male pattern baldness, while in females, it is named female pattern baldness. This cause has its root connected with your genetic composition and cannot be prevented. However, dermatological treatments on time can help you save your hair from permanent damage. 

  • Age and Hormonal Changes 

Hormonal changes in the body can cause hair loss in both males and females. Males, after puberty, tends to lose more hair, while female encounter hair loss majorly after menopause. Besides age, the fluctuation of hormones in the body can also cause temporary hair loss. 

Frontal hair loss

  • Mental or Physical Stress

Emotional stress due to any trauma or physical stress like childbirth, surgery and illness can trigger hair loss. Stress can provoke habits like pulling hair which can damage the hair roots and lead to temporary hair loss. Appropriate stress management by seeking therapy, doing yoga, exercising and maintaining nutrition can make your hair regain strength and return to normal.

  • Improper Lifestyle 

Improper lifestyle, including unhealthy diet, habits like smoking and hairstyling practices, can also contribute to frontal hair loss. Often pulling the hair to tie high ponytails makes the hairline recede. Consuming a balanced diet containing all nutrients and following a healthy hair care routine can halt these hair problems. 

  • Certain medications

Certain routine medicines, like the ones prescribed for blood pressure, arthritis, acne, birth control pills and other hormonal medicines etc., can trigger hair loss in certain individuals. Cancer chemotherapy and radiation are toxic for growing hair follicles and can cause severe hair fall. If you feel your new medicine is causing a hair fall, consulting your doctor before stopping or changing it is recommended. 

If left untreated, the hairline will keep receding, and sooner you will observe crown hair loss. Some causes can be reversed, while others require proper medications to cease permanent loss. If you can see your forehead getting bigger with no hair regrowth, then get your appointment with a hair doctor at your earliest.

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