Stress and Lifestyle Habits Can Cause Hair Loss


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 20, 2023

Hair Loss due to Stress

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Physical Stress 

Emotional Stress 

Improper Diet 


Sedentary Lifestyle 

Poor Hair Care Routine 

Hair shedding is different from hair loss. Shedding up to 100 hair strands every day as part of the hair growth cycle is normal. The cycle consists of three phases growth, rest and the shedding phase after the hair is shed and new hair regrows from the follicle. However, many factors can disturb the normal functioning of the cycle and increase the hair fall count to 200 perl day. There is usually no sign of hair growth when it comes to hair loss until the cause is treated. 

Poor lifestyle habits and stress are among the main causes that can cause hair loss. Yes, besides underlying diseases or infections, hair loss due to stress and lifestyle habits are also very commonly seen these days. Continue with the blog to learn how these factors can result in severe and permanent hair damage. 

  • Physical Stress 

Stressful events like pregnancy, childbirth, surgery and recovery from a disease or accident may cause one to suffer from hair loss. The reason behind the extreme falling of hair during these times is that the body starts preserving the nutrients and other growth factors for vital functioning, while non-vital functions like hair growth are halted until the body comes back to normal. This phase is natural, and hair starts to regrow once the body recovers. 

  • Emotional Stress 

Just like physical stress, emotionally stressful episodes like death in the family, heartbreaks, exams and work stress etc., can be an underlying cause for your hair loss. Mental health disturbances like long-standing stress and depression can even lead to the development of habits like constant pulling of hair or uprooting of hair, which lead to injury to the hair follicles and hair loss. A positive approach towards life, regular exercise, yoga, meditation and seeking help when required are some ways to help you beat stress and hair loss.  

Stress and hair loss

  • Improper Diet 

An improper diet not involving zinc, iron, proteins and other vital nutrients also leads to hair fall. Unhealthy hairs become weaker, thinner, brittle, dry and can be easily broken. Following a proper diet nourishes hairs from the inside, making the hair follicle stronger, glossier, and thicker. 

Improper diet and hair loss

  • Smoking 

Smoking damages the blood vessels and reduces blood circulation to the hair roots leading to hair loss. It can also lead to the formation of dry, brittle and weak hair, which is more prone to breakage.

  • Sedentary Lifestyle 

A sedentary lifestyle that does not involve any exercise can also impact hair quality.  Exercise releases chemicals called endorphins which are responsible for keeping our hormonal levels balanced. Moreover, regular exercising also increases blood flow, including blood flow to the hair follicles, promoting healthy hair. 

  • Poor Hair Care Routine 

Using harsh chemicals and regularly styling the hair with multiple products and heat can cause hair loss. Hairstyles like a  high ponytail can pull the hair and lead to hair loss due to pulling. This phenomenon is called traction alopecia and can be permanent. It is advised to use mild nourishing products like serums and oils and make loose hairstyles daily, while keeping the trendy hairstyles involving constant pulling of hair, for occasional use to prevent hair loss. 

Hair loss due to stress and lifestyle-related habits are common. However, if you notice excessive hair loss, formation of bald patches or thinning of hair, then visit an expert dermatologist. The hair doctor will help you find the cause and prescribe the treatment to treat it accordingly.

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