Everyday HairStyles to Prevent Female Hair Loss


Blog, Female Hair Loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 26, 2023

Everyday HairStyles to Prevent Female Hair Loss

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Hairstyling mistakes

Hairdos will help reduce the damage

Beautiful, healthy hair is an asset, and all women cherish this asset. Long hair can be styled and accessorised in different ways. But did you know some hairstyles can weaken the roots of the hair follicles leading to hair loss? Let’s find out the best hairstyles to prevent hair loss.

In summer, a sleek ponytail, tight braids to create a cornrow look or a tightly pulled updo bun looks great. But if you wear a tightly pulled-back hairdo too often, the constant pulling of hair adds stress to the scalp, leading to hair loss. A healthy person loses about 50-100 strands daily, which goes unnoticeable with new hair replacing the gap. But if the stress increases, then it can hinder the hair growth cycle, and slowly the gaps start getting noticed. This type of hair loss is medically termed traction alopecia. 

Here are some of the hairstyling mistakes that you might be making regularly:

  • Tying your hair too tightly with elastic bands
  • Using heat directly to your hair without protection strips
  • Using alcohol-based hair products
  • Adding too much pressure while detangling
  • Not changing your partition 

There are few hairstyles to prevent hair loss and yet keep a sense of your style and maintain the look that best suits you. While tying your hair, keep in mind that your hairstyle is not giving way to traction alopecia. 

These hairdos will help reduce the damage and yet make you look confident, stylish and comfortable:

  • Love tying your hair into a secured bun, then try the new mess top knot bun. The messy knot bun is a cool alternative that avoids excessive stress for minimum breakage. Use fibre, cotton or silk scrunchies to secure the bun.
  • If you are suffering from thinning hairline, try getting a bangs hairstyle and leaving your hair open. It is one of the best haircuts to prevent hair loss for females and gives a thicker hair appearance. It also gives your roots a chance to recover from the pulling and tugging. 
  • If you love braids, then go for a quick loose braid. 

If your hair seems too thin due to years of damage caused by pulling and tugging, then it’s time to seek a hair doctor’s opinion who can give a professional hair and scalp analysis to determine the reasons for hair loss. The dermatologist will carefully examine your hair and scalp and provide a treatment plan to help with hair regrowth. They can also give you tips on hairstyles to prevent hair loss.

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