Hair Care in Monsoon: 7 Hacks to Manage Frizzy Hair


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | June 19, 2023

Hair care in monsoon: 7 Hacks to manage frizzy hair

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Frizzy hair is a common problem during the monsoon season. A rise in the humidity caused by the monsoon weather can result in frizzy hair that looks lustreless y and untidy. When it rains, the humid air consists of more water molecules, which lead to the formation of more hydrogen bonds between hair strands. Humid air reacts with the keratin bonds in the hair, affecting the hair texture. l.

So hair care in monsoon should include some effective measures to manage the frizz and keep the hair looking soft and healthy. If dealing with humidity and hair in monsoon seems difficult, follow these 7 hacks to manage frizzy hair caused by the rainy weather.

7 Hacks to Get Frizz-free Hair in Monsoon

  • To prevent the humidity and moisture from entering the hair, it is advisable to tie the hair into a ponytail or a bun. These hairstyles help maintain the hair texture during monsoon.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner during the monsoon, as it helps contain moisture and lets the hair look nourished.
  • A hair serum should be included in your monsoon hair care regime, especially so, if you have dry hair. Dry hair is susceptible to frizz in the rainy season. A hair serum leads the hair to look sleeker. 

Hair serum

  • Heat styling should be avoided during the monsoon, as the already frizzy hair resulting from the rainy weather can look even more frizzy due to damage caused by heat. If you are opting for any heat styling procedure, use a heat protectant as it creates a barrier on the hair and reduces damage due to heat.
  • Do not wash your hair frequently, as frequent washing causes damage, in turn adding frizz to the hair.
  • Avoid getting your hair wet in the rain. Getting wet in the rain can also increase the possibility of getting a scalp irritation or aggravating dandruff n. So, for frizz-free hair in monsoon, protect them from rainwater.
  • Use a wooden comb during the monsoon season, as it is gentler on the hair and detangling the hair gets easier this way. A plastic comb can be harsh on the hair, and as it generates static electricity, it can cause frizz in the hair. Wood, on the other hand, is a bad conductor of electricity, which is why it can help you get frizz-free hair in monsoon.

Wooden comb

Monsoon hair care for different hair types may differ based on hair texture and length, as also on whether the hair is curly, straight or wavy, but frizz in a problem common to all hair types in the monsoon season. Curly hair is the most affected by frizz but in the absence of proper monsoon hair care measures, even other types of hair can get dry, frizzy and messy. The 7 hacks to manage frizzy hair in monsoon, given in this article, should help you tame your hair and keep them looking sleek, managed and beautiful.

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