Hair Regrowth – Can Hair Grow Back after Chemotherapy?


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | November 17, 2022

Hair Regrowth - Can Hair Grow Back After Chemotherapy?

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Chemotherapy medicines attack the rapidly growing cancer cells, along with other fast-growing cells in the body which includes the hair roots. Chemotherapy leads to severe hair fall on various parts of the body, like the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, and armpits. The intensity of hair loss varies based on the type of chemotherapy drug and its dosage. Can hair grow back after chemotherapy? Yes, the hair loss after chemotherapy is temporary and hair growth is usually seen after 3-6 months of stopping the treatment.

In 2-4 weeks of starting chemotherapy, the hair starts falling out. The hair loss may occur suddenly or gradually, and the hair falls out in clumps. Scalp tenderness may also be experienced along with hair fall. The hair loss continues throughout the treatment and even a few weeks after the treatment. Chemotherapy can lead to hair thinning or baldness. The hair that grows back after chemotherapy may be of a different colour or texture, it could be curlier than the original hair or be grey in colour. The difference in the regrowing hair is temporary.

What helps hair growth after chemotherapy? Scalp cooling caps can be effective against hair loss after chemotherapy. These caps are closely fitted caps cooled with a chilled liquid and are placed in the head during chemotherapy. They cause the blood flow to the scalp to slow down, thus reducing the effect of chemotherapy medications on the hair. It should be noted that this may pose a risk of the recurrence of cancer in the scalp region as due to the caps, the scalp does not receive the same amount of chemotherapy drugs as the rest of the body. The other way to promote hair regrowth after chemotherapy is the application of minoxidil. Using minoxidil before and during the treatment can accelerate hair growth after chemotherapy.

What are the foods to promote hair growth after chemotherapy? To improve hair regrowth after chemotherapy, it is advisable to consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Foods rich in vitamins B, C and E or taking these vitamin supplements (after consulting your doctor) can be of help in promoting hair growth after chemotherapy. Protein-rich foods (animal as well as plant-based proteins) are useful in encouraging hair regrowth after chemotherapy. Simple carbs help in enhancing hair growth and provide nourishment to the scalp cells. So, it is good to increase the intake of foods high in simple carbohydrates, which include nuts, leafy vegetables, whole grains and citrus fruits.

So, can hair grow back after chemotherapy? Yes, but the rate of hair regrowth is based on the age, overall health, and the scalp and hair health of the individual undergoing chemotherapy and also on the type of treatment administered. For the best advice regarding hair regrowth after chemotherapy, it is important to consult an expert in the field. One of the best places to get all your questions about hair regrowth answered, is HairMD. It is a reputed hair transplant centre in Pune and has a team of experienced dermatologists and surgeons who specialize in treating hair conditions. Consulting professionals as HairMD will help you attain healthy and beautiful hair.

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