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Hamilton Pattern Hair Loss

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Men tend to lose their hair in a few common patterns over a few years to decades. The Hamilton-Norwood scale helps provide quick references that show the different stages of balding. It is an important tool for doctors to classify the stage of balding and accurately reflect your level of current hair loss. Understanding your Hamilton Pattern hair loss level is often the first step in discerning your hair loss process.  

Let’s begin with understanding the various stages:

Type I 

The hairline shows minimal or no recession. Men who are at this stage should monitor their hair regularly for any signs of thinning. 

Type II 

The frontal and temporal regions show recession, typically in symmetrical triangular shapes. The initial signs of male pattern baldness are becoming more visible. 

Type III

Type 3 male pattern baldness

This level of hair loss is considered “cosmetically significant.” The symmetrical hair loss at the temples is more pronounced, and these areas may be bare or sparsely covered with hair. At this stage, the hair also begins to thin at the crown. 

Type IV 

Hair loss in the frontal and temporal regions is more severe than in Type III. Additional thinning is visible in the front central region, and thinning at the crown becomes more pronounced. A mildly thin band of hair usually demarcates the two areas of hair loss. 

Type V 

At this stage of the Hamilton Pattern Hair Loss, there is still a separation between hair loss at the crown and hair loss in the front and temporal regions. However, the dividing area is becoming narrower. A “horseshoe” shape pattern of remaining hair is beginning to form. 

Type VI 

More severe hair loss is clearly visible as the hair separating the crown and hairline areas is nearly gone, with only sparse hair remaining. 

Type VII 

Type VII male pattern hair loss

This is the most severe form of hair loss. There is a complete loss of hair in the front, temporal and crown regions. There is a horseshoe pattern of hair at the back and sides of the head, and it may be thinner or less dense than it was previously.

Hair loss is most often diagnosed as male pattern baldness, but if you’re young, female, and experiencing unusual hair loss, then your doctor may want to rule out certain other possible causes. Experienced dermatologists at HairMD Pune can examine your scalp to identify the pattern and degree of your hair loss.

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