How Do Dermatologists Check for Hair Loss?


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | January 8, 2023

How Do Dermatologists Check for Hair Loss?: Hair Pull Test

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A dermatologist is a medical professional who specializes in conditions of the skin, hair and nails. Hair loss is a very common hair condition that leads to excessive shedding of the hair, causing bald patches or partial to total baldness. Before treating hair loss, it is necessary to assess the cause of this condition and its type and severity. A dermatologist uses different tests to diagnose the type of hair loss and its cause and then administers the most-suited treatment for the same. Here we tell you how dermatologists check for hair loss.

  • A dermatologist checks the scalp for soreness, redness or scarring. This helps in assessing the amount of hair loss, the pattern of hair loss and if there is hair breakage.
  • A test called the pull test is conducted to know the degree of hair loss. In the pull test, a dermatologist gets hold of a small section of hair from different regions of the scalp and tugs at them. If more than 6 strands of the hair fall out, the dermatologist diagnoses the condition as active hair loss.
  • A dermatologist conducts another test called the tug test in which he/she holds a section of the hair, holds it in two hands, one near the root and another near the tip. He then tugs to see if the strands break in the middle. This test helps in assessing if the hair is brittle or fragile.
  • A card test is performed to determine the health of the hair shafts and know the number of new strands growing. In this test, the dermatologist creates a part in the hair and holds a card covered in felt against the hair section. The colour of the felt should contrast with the hair colour.
  • A dermatologist may conduct a trichometric analysis, in which a camera is used to take pictures of the scalp and hair. These pictures are magnified and used for assessing hair coverage, density, and diameter of the hair strands.
  • Light Microscopy is another test that a dermatologist may conduct, in order to check for hair loss. In this, an instrument is used to examine the hair trimmed at the base and assess hair shaft disorders.
  • A KOH test can also be used to check for hair loss. In this dermatological test, the doctor scrapes samples from the skin and examines hair roots under a microscope. This test is mainly used to check if there is an infection causing hair loss.
  • Dermatologists use a blood test to check for medical conditions that may be leading to hair loss.

These tests, along with an analysis of your overall health, diet and lifestyle, will help your dermatologist know the type, degree and exact cause of your hair condition. After diagnosis, your dermatologist will advise you on the hair loss treatment that suits you best, and some lifestyle medicines like minoxidil, oral medications, laser therapy, nano fat treatment, PRP therapy, or hair changes and home remedies to help restore hair growth.

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