How Effective Are Dates for Hair Loss?


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 30, 2023

How Effective Are Dates for Hair Loss?

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Are dates good for hair loss?

Do you love dates? The Middle Eastern sweet, dry fruits are filled with benefits that can give you glowing skin and beautiful, healthy hair. If you are tired and looking for some sweet snacking to wake you up, try dates. This sticky, super sweet dried fruit is full of bioavailable sugars that immediately perk up the mood. 

Dates for hair loss are packed with minerals, vitamins and iron, which add to the elasticity of the skin and prevent hair breakage, making them stronger and healthier. Besides these, dates also keep a check on the cholesterol levels and maintain weight. 

Are dates good for hair loss?

Dates are great food for your hair as they are a rich source of vitamin B complex and iron, both of which help prevent hair loss. Consuming dates feeds the hair and the hair cord to add elasticity, make it stronger and healthier, and reduce hair loss. Dates are also a rich source of vitamin K, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and manganese.

Dates can also be applied topically in the form of oil. The Date oil massage improves blood circulation on the scalp. It further strengthens the hair follicles by supplying essential nutrients to them. Date oil massage improves hair quality by preventing breakage and making them thicker. 

Are dates good for hair loss?

Dates can also resolve itchy scalp issues by using it in the form of a hair mask. Kneading dates with mayonnaise and applying that to hair for 30 minutes and then washing off with water will reduce inflammation and dryness and soothe the scalp. Rich in antioxidants, especially tannins, prevents cell damage and oxidative stress in the hair follicles. The pantothenic acid in dates keeps allergies at bay. 

Dates have incredible benefits in keeping our body, skin and hair healthy. But it is important to seek a dermatologist if you are allergic to dates. Hair loss can be caused due to various other factors besides just nutrient deficiencies. 

Dermatologist for hair loss

Getting a hair and scalp analysis done at HairMD can help in detecting the cause of hair loss and damage. The expert dermatologists will explain to you whether dates for hair loss are good and create a treatment plan which will suit your condition the best.

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