How to Choose the Best Doctor for Hair Fall Treatment?


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 29, 2022

How to Choose the Best Doctor for Hair Fall Treatment?

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Hair fall occurs commonly in men and women and the causes of this hair condition include hormonal changes, sun damage, exposure to chemicals, and nutrient deficiencies. Certain medicines or therapies can lead to hair loss, and baldness is most commonly linked with genetics which also means that an individual with an immediate family member with baldness is at a greater risk of getting the same hair condition. Hair fall treatments range from topical creams and oral medicines to medical procedures and even surgical treatments like hair transplants. Your hair fall treatment would be based on the cause and severity of your hair condition. 

To know the cause of your hair condition and get the correct hair fall treatment, you should seek guidance from a dermatologist who specializes in treating hair conditions. If you are thinking of how to choose the best doctor for hair fall treatment, this article will help. 

How to Select the Best Dermatologist for Hair Loss?

  • See that the dermatologist specializes in hair loss treatments.
  • Check for his qualification and ensure that he is well-qualified and holds a valid degree or certification from a recognized institute.
  • Look for his/her experience working in the field of treating hair conditions. The dermatologist you select should have considerable experience with giving hair fall treatments.
  • Go through reviews and surveys by patients who have received treatments from that dermatologist. Many positive reviews should help you decide on selecting that doctor for your hair fall treatment while negative reviews should alert you on checking more before finalizing that dermatologist/hair specialist.
  • Read up surveys and reviews about the health care facility that the dermatologist is linked with, as the hospital is also an important selection criterion in deciding where to take the hair fall treatment.
  • See the types of hair fall treatments that are provided at that facility. It is advisable to opt for a facility where multiple hair treatments are given.
  • See the quality of service provided at that health care facility and consider the distance and time taken to reach there from your place.
  • Check for the cost factor by reading up the prices of various hair fall treatments provided there and ensure that the cost fits your budget.
  • For search queries like ‘best dermatologist for hair loss near me’ or ‘best hair clinic near me’, you would get multiple options, but before finalizing one of them, give priority to the qualification and experience of the doctor(s) and the services provided at the facility. 

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