How To Maintain Healthy Hair Follicles?


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | October 22, 2022

Tips For Healthy Hair Follicles

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A good hair care routine, a proper diet, and a healthy lifestyle are key to maintaining healthy hair follicles along with overall health. Good blood circulation to the scalp and effective measures to keep the skin of the scalp healthy are essential for maintaining healthy hair follicles and promoting natural hair growth. Here we will see how to keep the hair follicles healthy.

Ways to Maintain Healthy Hair Follicles

Massage: Massaging the scalp and oiling the hair is effective in maintaining the health of your hair follicles. Massaging improves blood circulation in the scalp region and promotes hair growth while also helping in keeping the hair healthy.

Essential Oils: Some oils are like wonder ingredients for maintaining healthy hair follicles and boosting hair growth. Geranium oil promotes hair growth. Rosemary oil is helpful in reducing hair loss and triggering natural hair growth. Coconut oil lubricates the hair shaft and helps in preventing hair breakage. Avoid too much oiling. 

Aloe Vera: Applying aloe vera gel on the scalp or using hair care products that contain aloe vera, is of great help in keeping the hair follicles healthy, reducing hair fall, and encouraging good hair growth.

Ways to Maintain Healthy Hair Follicles: Aloe Vera

Egg Yolk: An egg yolk mask works like magic in maintaining healthy hair follicles. Egg yolk has several nutrients that aid in hair growth.

Use a Cool Rinse: After showering, use cool water on the hair and scalp. This helps seal the hair cuticles and thus helps the hair retain moisture. This prevents dryness and frizz in the hair, which often causes hair breakage.

Avoid Exposure to Heat: Avoid hair treatments that include exposing the hair to excessive heat. Frequent blow-drying, use of curlers and straightening irons, and other styling tools that expose the hair to heat, can weaken the hair. Heat can damage the hair and increase its dryness and frizz.

Increase the Vitamin Intake: Good vitamin intake is important in keeping hair follicles healthy. Vitamins A, B (mainly biotin), C, D, and E, and minerals like zinc and iron play a vital role in maintaining healthy hair follicles. So include these nutrients in your diet. You may take nutritional supplements with the advice of your doctor.

Include More Protein: The hair follicles mostly consist of protein. A deficiency of proteins in the diet leads to hair thinning and hair loss. To prevent hair breakage and to keep the hair follicles healthy, it is important to up your protein intake.

Hair Care: Use a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type. Avoid hair products that contain harsh chemicals. You could cut back on the use of shampoos as many shampoos tend to rid the hair of natural oils. Excessive styling, wearing hairstyles that strain the hair, and combing wet hair are some actions that can lead to hair fall. Avoid these and adopt a good hair care routine so as to keep the hair follicles healthy.

This was an overview of how to maintain healthy hair follicles and promote natural hair growth. People often have questions like how to strengthen the hair or how to restore healthy hair follicles and how to stimulate hair follicles for better hair growth. The above-mentioned ways for maintaining healthy hair will surely help, but for expert advice on how to maintain healthy hair follicles and achieve good hair regrowth, and for reliable guidance about hair loss and damaged hair follicle treatment, consult a dermatologist.

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