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How to remove scabs after hair transplant

Feb 2, 2019


How to remove scabs after hair transplant

What are transplant scabs?

Transplant scabs are born out of the trauma inflicted on the scalp due to the small incisions took while grafting. It takes a few days for this wound to start healing. The scabs start forming on the 3rd day itself but at this point in time, it is tightly attached to the scalp. Normally these scabs fall off in a matter of 7-14 days and depend on the number of hair grafts and the density and size of the incisions.

How to get rid of the scabbing?

  • One can start washing the hair with baby shampoo, 72 hrs after surgery. Patients are also allowed to soak their head in the bathtub with water and baby oil, to let the scabs slough off.
  • Massaging the scabs gently underwater without using the nails also helps in the process.
  • Picking up on scabs can dislodge the graft completely, so you are advised to only pat them gently.
  • It is normal for some of the hair to fall off, as long as there is the absence of bleeding.
  • Do not try to remove the scabs early as it can harm the follicle beneath. It is best advised to left them untouched for the first week.
  • Let the scabs dry off on their own and in case of any bleeding, contact the doctor immediately.
  • You can massage your scalp after 13th day with light hands, without any fear as the follicles are attached to the scalp properly and receive adequate blood supply.
  • Sometimes the doctor recommends saline spraying to aid the healing process and this does not pose any threat to the graft.
  • It is necessary that you avoid any alcohol till a few days after surgery as it will thin your blood and hamper the healing process.
  • Vitamins, ibuprofen and arthritis medications should be avoided for the first few days as they can thin the blood and cause excessive bleeding.
  • Prescribed medications like pain reliever, antibiotics and prednisone should be taken as per instructions.
  • Vigorous physical activity should be avoided until one week.
  • Try to keep the upper part of the body elevated.
  • In case of light bleeding, it is advised to apply gentle pressure using a moist clean cloth.
  • Do not use warm air to try your hair for at least 5 days after surgery.

Keep all the points intact in your actions and you need not be a worry. It is completely natural for the scabs to take 1-1.5 weeks to dispose of. In case of any muddle, call upon your doctor. As long as you follow the correct procedure prescribed, you are at no harm. So go on, let go of that raging fear and happily welcome the hair you had long waited for.

If the thought of scabs and how to deal with them postoperatively still worries you, you are welcome to consult our renowned specialists at Hair MD. Rest assured of the quality of advice we offer; you are in safe hands.

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