Hair Loss Solution – How to Stop Hair Loss for Males in their 20s?


Blog, Male Hair Loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | June 6, 2022

Hair loss for a male in his 20s could be frustrating. A young lad wouldn’t want to watch his hairline recede and do nothing about it. If you also are losing hair in your 20s, you aren’t alone. Hair loss in males in their 20s has become a widespread problem. Stressful lifestyle, irregular diet, and genetics have been some of the common causes of hair loss at 20 in males. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with it. These solutions for hair loss in males can help.

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Hair Loss at 20 in Males – Solutions to Stop Hair Loss in Males

How to stop hair loss in men? This is the question many men have flooded the internet with. It is pretty evident from these questions that hair loss in males, especially younger ones, has become a serious concern. Although genetics play a role in early baldness, they aren’t always the only reason to be blamed for. A few habits and nutritional deficiencies can also catalyze early hair loss and lead to baldness if not addressed on time.

  • Appropriate and Adequate Nutrition

People in their 20s often tend to ignore a healthy diet or fail to follow it. Hair loss is one of the many problems that such people confront. One of the most effective ways to see steady yet sustainable differences is to include essential vitamins and proteins in the diet.

For instance, vitamin A fosters healthy sebum production in the scalp, and vitamin E enhances blood circulation in the scalp to keep hair follicles productive. Additionally, consuming foods rich in vitamin B can help hair retain its color. Some healthy foods include eggs, carrots, spinach, beans, whole grains, etc. Besides, including fish, soy, lean meats, etc., can help reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

Solutions to Stop Hair Loss in Males - Healthy Diet

  • Essential Oil Massage

Applying oil to the hair makes many young men feel oily throughout the day. Hence, many avoid using oil. But applying essential oils and massaging the scalp for a couple of minutes can help. It helps keep hair follicles active. A nice coconut oil massage at night or on weekends can also help make a steady and positive difference.

  • Apply Garlic, Onion, or Ginger Juice

Garlic, onion, and ginger have nutrition that helps promote hair growth. You may apply either of these juices, keep it overnight and wash it thoroughly in the morning. Using these oils regularly for a week can result in remarkable show results.

  • Reduce Alcohol Intake and Avoiding Smoking

Alcohol negatively affects hair growth. Hence, it is prudent to reduce alcohol intake. Besides, smoking also hurts your blood flow to the scalp. The lesser the blood circulation, the weaker the hair. So, avoid smoking.

Solutions to Stop Hair Loss in Males - Avoid Smoking

  • Exercising Regularly

Regular physical activity that complements diet and good habits can help reduce hair loss and accelerate hair growth. How? Exercising enhances blood flow circulation, improves sleep quality, and reduces stress levels. All these factors positively impact your hair in the long run. You would see results steadily and not overnight.  Consistency is the key.

Solutions to Stop Hair Loss in Males - Exercising Regularly

Other tips on hair loss treatment for males include avoiding constant heating and drying, keeping the head sweat-free, and avoiding combing wet hair. Additionally, you must drink an adequate amount of water and keep yourself hydrated. Around six to eight glasses of water, a day can also contribute positively to your hair growth endeavor.

Note: Consult a dermatologist like HairMD to know the suitability of the above hair loss treatments for males in precisely your case.

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