Hair Care Tips: How to Take Care of Hair in Summer?


Blog, Male Hair Loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | May 11, 2022

Hair Care Tips: How to Take Care of Hair in Summer?

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When it’s summertime, our body requires more fluids to keep itself hydrated and safeguarded from the dry and warm weather. Our skin requires extra protection from the sun and so does our hair. Due to the exposure to UV rays and the scorching heat during summers, the hair gets rough and dry. Excessive dryness of the hair leads to frizz. Dryness can also lead to flakiness and irritation, which further causes hair fall. For many of us, the summer season spells swimming and water sports. The oil content in the hair depletes due to the chlorine in the pool water, while the salt content of the seawater leads to moisture loss, causing parched hair.

Thus, you can see that your summer hair care routine has to include some extra components like deep conditioning, hydration, and sun protection so that you can keep the hair healthy in the harsh summer weather that is not very friendly to your skin and hair. Here we give you some summer hair care tips and tell you how to take care of your hair in summer.

Summer Hair Care Tips

  1. Consider keeping the hair short during summers so that they are relatively easier to manage and hair problems are kept at bay.
  2. Use a hat or scarf to protect your hair from the sun. Apply hair care products with UV filters while going outdoors.
  3. Give deep conditioning to your hair. Use a clarifying or anti-residue shampoo once a week to clean up chemicals in the hair. A home remedy for summer hair care is to use apple cider vinegar in water as a natural conditioner.                      
  4. Stay away from blow-drying, ironing, curling or any other way of styling the hair which includes exposure to heat.
  5. Do not wear tight hairstyles because they may pull or tear your hair, more so, as the hair is dry in the summer.
  6. Consider using an anti-frizz oil or serum to add smoothness and shine to the hair during summers. Looking for a summer hair care home remedy? Use coconut oil or shea butter to de-frizz and moisturize your hair.
  7. Don’t wash your hair often because frequent hair washes lead to depletion of the natural oils in your hair.
  8. One of the effective tips and home remedies for summer hair care is to apply a mixture of argan oil and water or a mix of aloe vera juice, water, and avocado oil on the hair. This helps add moisture to the hair.
  9. Applying aloe vera gel on the scalp provides relief from sunburn or itchiness that is commonly experienced during the summer.
  10. If you have coloured your hair, use hair products specially meant for coloured hair. During summer, coloured hair looks dry and dull.
  11. Stay hydrated by having plenty of water and increasing the intake of fresh fruit juices and other foods that keep your body cool from within.

Follow these summer hair care tips but also know that overall health impacts the health of your hair and skin. So, adopt a healthy lifestyle to achieve glowing skin and lustrous hair.

It is important to know how to take care of your hair during summer and follow a strict summer hair care routine. However, if you have a hair condition that isn’t going away or experience hair fall that erupts or aggravates in summer, it is best to consult an expert in the field. To get the best service and effective treatments for healthy hair, approach HairMD. Their experienced dermatologists will assess your hair condition and give you the treatment that suits your hair type and health.

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