Is COVID Infection a Cause of Hair Loss?


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 14, 2023

Is COVID Infection a Cause of Hair Loss

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Hair loss results from the disturbance in the normal hair cycle that consists of three phases- growth, rest and fall. Many causes can disturb the cycle, causing a sudden increase in hair fall counts. Currently, a lot of fingers are pointing towards the coronavirus. The covid-19 pandemic uncovered many things, and it would not be surprising if we noticed it caused hair loss. 

Coronavirus infection is a disease that we know little about and can be a cause of hair loss. Below are the reasons behind hair fall after covid

The first reason for post covid hair loss is the viral illness itself. This phenomenon is called telogen effluvium. Like any severe viral illness, coronavirus infection causes high-grade fever; recovery from fever may cause hair loss. For 2-3 months, you may notice excessive hair loss, which is caused due to hair follicles undergoing dormancy during the illness. Hair shedding is temporary, and hair regrows once the illness is recovered. 

  • Stress Hair Loss 

Stress may also cause post covid hair loss. This is because when you fall sick, your body starts preserving the essential nutrients for the vital functioning of the body due to low consumption of nutrients. The energy is not wasted on vital functions like hair growth, and thus hair fall occurs. If you have a habit of pulling hair when stressed, then this might also be one of the reasons for hair loss due to covid. Traction alopecia may arise due to mental stress that you are dealing with while facing such an outrageous disease. 

Stress Hair Loss 

Medications may also be the reason behind extreme hair fall after covid. When you fall sick, you start taking medicine without proper consultation. Some drugs may cause hair loss as a side effect and make you lose hair. Medicines for fever may contain drugs that may trigger hair loss. 

If you are suffering from hair fall after covid infection, do not panic and consult an expert dermatologist at HairMD, Pune. The doctor will help you find the cause and prescribe treatment for less damage.

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