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My Own Guide to a Successful Laser Hair Removal!

Aug 17, 2017

My Own Guide to a Successful Laser Hair Removal!


Back in I just assumed that my legs would become as smooth as those beach side models, but clearly- it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.2010, when I got tired of spending a fortune on waxing sessions twice a month, I actually got inspired by the already shaved legs in the razor ads.

This is when I extensively started hearing about Laser Hair Removal. A trend that caught up like fire in the early 2010s, this was something most of my friends were experimenting with. In my case, even Rica waxing did not remove the in root hair and for a good 20 minutes after a waxing session, I felt like- I got allergic reactions. I would have swollen up calves and arms with rashes. This is when I knew I had to do something about it. I had to put my foot down and not a trashy one, the one that I actually saw in those ads.

Like every decision in my life, this one involved a lot of weighing in pros and cons too. After reading some great reviews about Hair MD, I decided that just maybe this is the solution to all my hair woes. I decided to start with legs since summer was just around the corner and I did not want to skip out another year with my summer dresses locked inside.

Trust me, I feel completely satisfied with my decision and which is why; I am sharing this story with you. Laser procedure consists of highly concentrated light which is emitted into the hair follicles completely destroying the hair. After a lot of research and passing out on countless “ My story of a Hair Laser” tabs, I realized that like many others I also might just need 5-6 sessions of hair laser to get completely rid of this.

Long back, I was actually sitting with one of my aunts for an annual lunch and I just happened to tell her that I am so conscious about my upper lip all the time. That is when she told me, that she got laser done and has bid adieu to be monthly threading sessions. There was also afad of at home laser treatment equipment’s, which is definitely not a feasible idea. You are sure to do more damage than good. For somebody like me, who gets burnt toasting a bread- imagine the horror a laser machine would unleash.

The next step was to call HairMD, who guided me through the entire procedure and consulted the best of doctors to me. My doctor told me that you have to clean shave and not waxing before starting the sessions. By my 4th appointment, I actually saw a drastic change and actually felt like; I did not need 2 more sessions! But, I spoke to the consultants and my doctor again and they said the last session is the most important for my legs.

HairMD came like a boon to a confused person like me who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making a decision. I would definitely recommend them and hair laser in all as well results.

Note: The above-expressed thoughts are of the actual patient & HairMD does not hold the responsibility for it. Results vary person to person & depend on many factors related to the patient to yield best results. We strongly advise you to discuss with a qualified dermatologist before opting it as a solution. Also, you can reach us for consultation at our clinic in Pune or Pimple Saudagar or book appointment with us. You can simply reach our Patient Support Team on +91-9317505050.


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    Great tips and tactics related to Laser Hair removal


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