PCOS and Hair-loss: Can it be reversed?


Blog | HairMD | August 12, 2021


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PCOS and Hair-loss Can it be reversed

What is PCOS and Why Does it Cause Hair Loss?

PCOS is a female hormonal disorder caused by an imbalance between testosterone and oestrogen. It can cause acne, oily hair and excess body hair.

What causes these hormonal imbalances is not yet entirely understood. PCOS hair loss may result in weakened hair follicles.

Other common hormones thought to cause hair losses are thyroid hormone imbalance and progesterone. PCOS hair fall may result in hair loss. Almost 40% of the total cases are women in India who are suffering from PCOS hair loss.

What are the Symptoms of PCOS-Related Hair Loss?

Daily average hair loss of about 50-100 hair/day is normal, but hair thinning is not normal. Disorders or diseases like thyroid, lupus, psoriasis, and acne can cause natural hair loss every day. If you have had symptoms in the past, you might want to talk to a doctor.

Frontal hair loss is common in women after menopause and is common in many other races. Most females undergo frontal baldness at some point in their lives, resulting from polycystic ovary syndrome.

Read below some of the PCOS hair loss symptoms that may help diagnose the issue earlier. 

  • Since your follicles cannot contain enough sebum (oil), you will find your hair very dry and becoming thin.
  • PCOS is also characterised by acne, unwanted thick hair growth on the face and other body parts (Hirsutism).
  • Excessive insulin secretion causes depression in people who have high bloodstream insulin level. In this scenario, try a diet plan rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Irritability and mood swings are common among PCOS people. It is due to hormonal imbalances and other mood-related disorders. Balanced-diet and regular exercise will control this PCOS hair loss and female pattern baldness symptoms. 
  • High levels of blood glucose can cause inflammation, leading to various health problems such as diabetes. Here, you need to develop eating habits and consume healthy foods.

All these PCOS hair loss symptoms and female pattern baldness may not be accurate for all women. There are a lot of available treatments for this hair-loss condition. Hair loss due to PCOS gets cured with procedures and medications, like Mesotherapy, PRP, Dermaroller, Heal Light Therapy medicines -Oral contraceptives (OCP) in combination with Spironolactone and Topical Minoxidil prescribed by your dermatologist. The combination treatment of medications and procedures works best.

How to Fight Back PCOS-Related Hair Loss?

An individual with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) usually has no symptoms of this disorder. It is because the disorder is typically long undetected and untreated. Therefore, most women affected by this polycystic ovary syndrome hair loss will never find out they have it before the hair starts falling off.

  • PCOS hair loss can compromise the body’s ability to regulate hormone levels. In women, this may result in excess testosterone output, one of the key reasons women grow excessive9
  • PCOS hair loss drugs are available that treats or even reverses the disease. The drugs inhibit the development of certain hormones in the body. When done, you will see your hair growing again. Hair development happens when the body has an excess of testosterone.
  • Another way to solve hair loss is by using minoxidil.
  • Physicians encourage women to eat more antioxidant-rich foods—cherries, berries, blueberries, kale, strawberries, green tea, and other antioxidant-rich vegetables.
  • Women with PCOS can also frequently indulge in eating fish, lean meats, and other seafood. They are high in omega-3 fatty acids and can help boost a woman’s overall health.
  • You should also avoid processed foods. Instead, try to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and other organic food products.
  • Performing regular exercises reduces PCOS. The best way to start is by doing cardiovascular workouts, swimming and running.

Women must recognise that specific approaches can have some side effects. Consult your dermatologist before considering some methods to minimise or prevent hair loss.

Is Hair Regrowth Possible After PCOS-Related Hair Loss?

PCOS can cause weight gain, hair loss & infertility. Hair regrowth caused due to PCOS hair loss is possible.

Some of the following PCOS hair loss home remedies aiding in hair regrowth –

  • A healthy and balanced diet can help regulate your hormone levels and balance your insulin levels. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, fish, poultry and legumes can help.
  • Drinking lots of water can also help, as it flushes-out the harmful toxins.
  • Regular exercise can improve your general health and well-being. Walking is an ideal exercise that can lower your chances of having diabetes by 20%.
  • Find out why it makes you lose hair. This issue is often due to a hormonal imbalance. Women who suffer from PCOS will start to note that after their bodies begin to adjust to changes in their bodies due to PCOS, they lose hair in large amounts.

Visit the experts at HairMD. Their care process for the customers caters to around 98% of success rate. And they will be able to test whether there is an underlying reason for your hair loss and to what degree.

Why Choose HairMD?

HairMD, based in India, aims to provide high-quality PCOS hair loss treatment to patients. HairMD doctors and staff follow the same care standard in their other countries. The specialists at HairMD provide the best therapy for hair loss. They take utmost care to diagnose hair loss’s root cause, with the physicians first examining the scalp to diagnose hair loss. 

Besides hair examination, blood tests monitoring your thyroid hormone, androgens, iron, or using their best shampoo for PCOS hair loss are advised. The able doctors review your progress and inform you accordingly.

The internal medical team of HairMD is actively researching ways to increase the hair loss regrowth success of their patients. If you search for a permanent solution to your hair loss issue, go ahead for consultations with HairMD’s eminent experts.

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