Evolution and History of Hair Transplant Over 80 Years


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Evolution & History of Hair Transplant

A hair transplant may seem like a modern cosmetic procedure done to enhance the individual’s appearance and confidence. But it is more than just a procedure. It has taken more than 80 years of research and study to reach this stage. So if you are thinking of hair transplant then you should be aware of the history of Hair Transplant and its evolution. Let’s discuss today hair transplant history and see what the future holds for us in hair restoration.

History of hair transplant

Let’s check how hair transplant has evolved and how it was before. I will try to give you complete information on this so you can know everything in depth.

  • The Beginning (1930 – 1943)

In 1930 the first ever hair transplant was conducted by the Japanese physician Dr. Sasegawa, it was such great news. When he implemented hair shafts into the skin? But it wasn’t until 1939 when Dr. Okuda invented the punch technique. This technique helps that transplanted hair from scalp to eyebrows and mustaches of burn victims, with a circular punch into the scalp.

This was a huge turning point as it attracted the attention of a lot of people.

  • The Evolution (1959 – 1993)

Due to the outbreak of the Second World War, both hair transplant techniques remained unknown to anyone outside Japan. It wasn’t till 1959 when a New York physician Dr. Norman Orentreich started publishing his results in curing baldness by hair transplantation technique.

  • FUT hair transplant (1994 – 2005)

The FUT method is the strip method, a complete strip is removed from the back side of our hair which also has gone through a number of modifications and changes over the last decade and a half.  As the years pass by the technological advancements in the FUT method continues to grow.

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Which hair transplant method is best?

  • FUE Hair transplant (2005 to present)

Evolution of FUE hair transplant begun and it replaces the strip method completely. FUE is a much convenient method of hair transplant with fewer scars and less time of recovery. It has grown a lot in the last decade and gained its popularity.

Let’s check the success stories of our patients to understand more in details:

  • A robotic hair transplant – R FUE (2011 to present)

In this hair transplant, a surgeon controls the computerized device with three dimension device to remove the hair follicles more precisely for better results. In this, we can perform better results for the patients.

You can read more interesting history & facts about hair transplant here on American Hair loss Association’ Article & on Dr. Parsa’s website article

At HairMD, only the safest and technically most advanced methods are used which will be further improved in the coming years. If you are satisfied with the answer then let us know through your comments.

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