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What are the causes of Alopecia Areata in children?

Sep 2, 2017

What are the causes of Alopecia Areata in children?

Simply put as hair loss in oval or round patches on a child’s scalp, Alopecia Areata is a lot more complicated than the basic lice, dandruff and other hair issues that kids face. Kids go through a lot of stress when something unusual happens with them. Their parents cannot understand the sensitivity of a situation and so many kids become victims of bullying.

You need to understand the symptoms and make sure you get a proper diagnosis done to control the damage at an early stage with correct treatment.

  • Start with finding out the real cause of hair loss

There can be a lot of causes in children due to which hair loss occurs. A paediatrician & dermatologist will be able to diagnose the right cause and give you further guidance if it is not Alopecia Areata. Some of the other causes are:

Is a type of ringworm and is a fungal infection seen in children? This is treatable by an oral dosage of antifungal.

  • Trichotillomania

Is caused by twisting, plucking or rubbing and is generally seen on the side of the child’s dominant hand. This generally points to anxiety and getting a counsellor’s help would prove really beneficial in such a case.

  • The challenges your kid is going through!

As per the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, kids up to the age of 5 do not suffer emotionally as much as kids of an older age group do. The aforementioned fact can be backed by the challenges kids go through while growing up. They start to understand and care about their appearance once they meet their peers very often.

When kids have hair loss during this phase of their life, the parents are often encountered with the following question- “Does your kid have cancer”? If a child hears this, the fear of being different sets in his head causing the worsening of the condition due to stress. What can you do to know for sure or nip it in the bud?


See the Successful Regrowth of Hairs in Alopecia Areata Patient


Under the age of 6 months, babies can lose their hair because of various causes. But, if your kid is older than that and is losing hair in the round and oval shapes without any crusting appearing- than it is 90% alopecia areata. Getting a diagnosis at an early age will curb any further damage and can help your child get the right treatment at the right time.


Note:- The fact is that anybody, of any age, of any gender, can suffer through Alopecia Areata. But, children have a hard time in particular. Getting the right diagnosis at the right time or going to somebody as experienced as HairMD is sure to save your child the ordeal of suffering through the process alone! HairMD always ready to help you, you do not have to worry about the ill effects of Alopecia Areata on your child.


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