Dr. Dhananjay Chavan


Dermatologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon

Consultant Dermatologist- MBBS,DVD

HairMD is spearheaded by Dr. Chavan, a certified dermatologist with an experience of over 30 years in successfully treating patients with hair loss problems. He is the Medical Director and the driving force behind HairMD. He completed his Masters in Dermatology from the historic B. J. Medical College Sassoon Hospital, Pune. Highly passionate about the FUE technique for hair transplantation, he is a visiting faculty at the Department of Dermatology, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Karad.Dr. Chavan is a strong proponent of a holistic approach for hair loss treatment, comprising both medical and surgical management of hair loss.

Dr. Chavan is one of the leading dermatologists in India, conducting hair transplant surgeries actively and consistently. He is widely known internationally and has been invited as a faculty, owing to his approach of ‘Cocktail Management’ of hair loss.

The biggest advantage that Dr. Chavan has in treating patients of baldness is the fact that he himself had experienced extreme baldness of Grade VII, as per the Norwood Scale of Baldness. The immense trust he has on his own team at HairMD led him to undergo a massive hair transplant surgery with the FUE Technique at HairMD, Pune, in which we transplanted a record 11,600 Follicular Unit Grafts, over 2 sessions. Visit us to see the results of his surgery first hand. No one can even make a wild guess now, that he was bald in the past.

He truly believes that along with providing the best care for the patients it’s equally important that patients become well educated with their clinical problem. Nowadays due information democratization with the help of internet and social media patients has the health care information at their finger tip which is a very good thing, but this coin has a flip side also and unfortunately it’s a bad one. many blogging websites and YouTubers are publishing wrong information just to attract the visitors and earn money. but people believe on that information and tend to take wrong decisions or get unnecessarily frightened and many times they fall for self-diagnosis and self-medication which is worst and can be lethal. so Dr Dhananjay Chavan believes that along with treating patients it’s doctor’s responsibility to give correct and authentic information to patients on the platforms where patients roam i.e. youtube, facebook, twitter, Instagram, google etc. and save them from bad information.

         ” There is nothing lethal and dangerous than wrong and incomplete information.”

Keeping this in mind, Dr. Dhananjay Chavan has launched an information campaign on various platforms in the name of ” #AskDrDC” you will get the links to all the profiles above.

He started his practice 30 years back in a small town named Karad in Maharashtra state. 5 years back he started one clinic in Pune just because his patients forced him to do so and now he has 4 branches all over the Maharashtra and planning to open more soon. when someone asks him about the secret of his success then he summarises the whole thing in four points.

  1. Right People.
  2. Never Stopped Learning And Experimenting.
  3. Right Intention.
  4. Only one focus, the betterment of patient.

You know what technique he uses every day that so many people are fond of him ” SMILE “


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” Correction of physical appearance and making it aesthetically perfect is not a mere status issue, its about making your soul comfortable in your body “

-Dr. Dhananjay Chavan

*Video Counselling only for outside pune

*Video Counselling only for outside pune