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Hair growth after hair transplant – How long does it take to grow hair after hair transplant

Nowadays, Everyone is more concern about the outer beauty of the individual which includes the skin and hair. Because of the unhealthy lifestyle of individuals, many of them are facing hair loss and are more worried about getting baldness. Because of which the ratio of people opting Hair Transplant has been increased. Like other people, even you might be thinking does hair grow after transplant. Don’t worry I am happy to guide you about everything related to a hair transplant.

Does hair grow after Transplant

As these questions are striking your mind, which means either you are opting for Hair Transplant or you are thinking this after a few days of your Hair Transplant. Firstly, Congratulations on your successful Hair Transplant. Don’t be panic, You are lucky to be on our website. Hope you will get answers to all your queries about Hair Transplant.

What is Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a procedure in which the hair follicles are extracted from the permanent zone of your scalp or beard and transplanted into the bald area. You either undertake FUE or FUT procedure for this. FUE method is the most recent and advanced method, where individual follicles are harvested instead of the strip after the hair transplant. The surviving grafts continue to grow in the first two to three weeks but after that, some hair fall starts. It is called shock loss, due to the stress or the shock these hair follicles receive due to the hair transplant procedure.

Hair Transplant surgery is both a procedure and process. While hair is transplanted from the donor area into the recipient or balding area immediately, it takes up to a year to 18 months for the hair to grow, thicken and fully mature. Once the transplanted hair is implanted, it will fall out between 4 to 6 weeks after a hair transplant. In 3 to 5 months after hair restoration, the follicles have been safely left behind Will begin sprouting new hair. At first, however, these new hires will appear fine and colorless they will thicken, darken and mature.

Stages of hair growth after hair transplant

So, let’s check how much percent Hair grows after hair transplant:

  • About 10 to 20% of hair growth you will see within 3 to 4 months after the hair transplant.
  • You can see around 50% of hair growth after hair transplant within the next 6 months.
  • 80% result you can then seen in 8 to 9 months.
  • 100% hair transplant results you can examine by 9 to 12 months after the FUE hair transplant.

How to speed up Hair Growth after Hair Transplant Surgery

Important facts to remember, after hair transplant how to speed up your hair growth:

  • You should consume a balanced diet to get proper nutrition to get healthy and good hair quality.
  • Use medications prescribed by your doctor like minoxidil, Finasteride, multivitamins, etc.
  • Can even apply oil on your scalp and then the message helps you in getting a good result.
  • You need to avoid your activities after your hair transplant at least for 10 days.  So the hair follicles can completely settle on your scalp.
  • You should stop Itching your scalp should as this can be harmful to the transplanted area.

When will I start noticing the Hair Growth after Hair Transplant :

Within a few months, You can start noticing your hair growth after hair transplant. But you’ll get the best optimum results 6 months after the hair transplant. So be patient and wait for noticeable results.

As we know now, After hair transplant Hair growth is sure, Let’s see what are other treatments and medications are prescribed after the Hair Transplant.

Treatment and Medication after Hair Transplant :  

For best results, Dermatologist prescribes US FDA approved medications such as Minoxidil and Finasteride.  Along with these medications, you should start taking other procedures after Hair Transplant under your Dermatologists guidance. Such as PRP, Mesotherapy, Multivitamin Tablets, Dermaroller, Low-Level Laser Light Therapy, etc. These treatments can even help you strengthen the growth of your transplanted hair.

I would always suggest that you should consult a Dermatologists and your Hair Transplant Surgeon before taking any oral medications or hair growth topical.

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I have tried giving you all the information’s about Hair Transplant and growth of hairs after Hair Transplant in details. Kindly do comment and share with your friends, if you think it is helpful. If the thought of hair growth after hair transplant still worries you, you are welcome to consult our renowned specialists at HairMD. Don’t worry, you are in safe hands. You can call us on +91-7888091119, our support team will be happy to solve your queries. For your betterment, we have also started with a video consultation with our expert doctors.

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