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What is the best shampoo for hair loss?

You need to use good shampoo for your scalp. Hair follicles can be clogged by oil, so your scalp can be lacking moisture & vitamins. The most frequently asked question my patients ask me. What is the best shampoo for hair loss? Today I will explain to you details of shampoo for hair loss and how you can be benefited.

What is the best shampoo for hair loss


What is Shampoo?

It is a hair care product which helps you to clean your hair and scalp. The shampoo is a viscous liquid which helps in cleaning. It is taken a small amount and then accordingly massage on the scalp and then rinsing it out completely. Which is available in liquid and bars form. It not only clean your scalp it has the property to make your hair look stylish and shiny.

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Importance of shampoo

It is a universal fact that we all use shampoo to wash our hairs. Also seen, if over usage of it can also lead to bad hair or hair loss. Using shampoo is good but you should never overdo it. It is very important to know that shampoo helps you to keep your hair nourished and helps to protect your hair. It is also important that according to your hair condition, you need to choose your shampoo. Like for greasy hair, dry hair, oily hair and normal hair you need to use shampoo as your hair type.

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Best shampoo for hair loss

Lets check which is the good shampoos available in the market and is useful for hair fall. Best shampoo should be free from chemical and sulfate. The market is saturated with endless choices when it comes to hair loss shampoos. Though there are many options available in the market, we strongly recommend seeing a good dermatologist to properly diagnose the actual reason behind hair loss as hair loss may be due to various reasons. Unless you don’t know the actual reason no one can treat your hair loss. A proper diagnosis is a first and most important step towards the best cure. Many times patients only have a fear of hair loss generated by the peer. So before trying any shampoo, I would suggest you book an appointment with your dermatologist and have a proper diagnosis then he or she will suggest a proper shampoo and conditioner.

You must watch the video about shampoo and how it is useful to you.


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Shampoo ingredients and their functions

Let’s check how shampoo is made up of:

  • Surfactant
  • Foaming agent
  • Water
  • Silicones like dimethicone
  • Acidic ingredients

Thus, you need to choose shampoo as per your requirement.

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