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Laser Hair Removal

Does laser hair removal affect tattoos?

Laser hair removal is  a procedure in which the targeted beam of laser light is usually a Diode laser. The laser is of great quality, which is targeted onto skin and hair follicles present in the skin. These follicles absorb this laser energy and heat produced which destroys them.

It is a very focussed procedure in which only the hair follicles are targeted. Every laser has a particular wavelength, which emits light. This laser wavelength targets particular molecules in the skin. In such cases, the laser hair removal procedure and its melanin and melanosomes are targeted, which are usually present in the hair.Thus, the hair reduction procedure takes effect. However, in the case of tattoos, what happens is that they contain pigments which may be organic or inorganic.

The tattoos maybe green, blue or red in color and this wavelength is usually very different from the  wavelength used in laser hair removal procedure. So the lasers that are required for tattoo removal are different as compared to the lasers that are used in laser hair removal procedures. Hence, there is no overlap between them. The technology used for laser hair removal will not affect the tattoo and the same situation applies vice versa as well.

However, it needs to be done properly with the right skill and expertise otherwise, achieving the adequate result is not possible. At Hair MD, we have consistently gotten acceptance and growth rates of 90-95% for our Laser hair removal method.

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