Is Laser hair removal safe during Pregnancy?


Questions, Treatment | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 5, 2021

Laser hair removal basically targets the dark pigmentation in the hair follicle causing thermal or mechanical damage to the hair root. Actually, there are no fix studies that say is laser hair removal safe during pregnancy. So most of the doctors and physicians advise avoiding laser hair removal during pregnancy because there is a lack of information about the effects of laser hair removal on the fetus. Now we will see what is laser hair removal and how is the mechanism of laser hair removal in detail.

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What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is the technique of removing the unwanted hair permanently from the desired area on the body. Here with the help of specific light with the specific intensity we target the hair follicle and harm its growth. This hampers the growth of the hair. By repeating the same process again and again until we finally destroy the hair root. The machine we use for laser hair removal is a Diode machine. This Diode machine emits the specific intensity light on the hair root and that’s how we destroy the hair from that specific area on the body permanently.

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How does laser hair removal work?

In the process of laser hair removal, the hair follicles are destroyed within a fraction of minutes and with minimum discomfort to the patient. The hair follicles are targeted and by using the highly concentrated energy and then the pulses of light are emitted on it. The lasers energy from the Diode chin attracted towards the pigment of the hair and so the laser hair removal works best on the dark or coarse hair with the fair complexion. But the people without this combination can also get great results.

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Is Nd Yag Laser safe during Pregnancy?

Not only Nd Yag laser but any lasers also health care providers say to avoid laser hair removal during pregnancy time. But still, no proper information is there regarding its effect. Most doctors say to avoid as they think it can effect on the fetus.

Unwanted hair growth during pregnancy

It is seen many women have too much hair growth on their face and other parts of the body. Even they have different hair texture and hair growth in their pregnancy. Generally, an increase in androgen and estrogen causes unwanted hair growth on our body. It is mostly expected on the trimester. Well, after pregnancy within 6 months your hormones will get normalized and you will be free from hairs. During laser hair removal what we do is, we target the dark pigment of the hair and then by repeating the same process, again and again, which destroy the hair root permanently. Due to the lack of studies upon the effect of laser hair removal in pregnancy or on the fetus, the doctors or physicians mostly advice to not to go for laser hair removal during pregnancy.

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Performing laser hair removal while pregnant

A properly trained laser technician can perform laser machine when you are pregnant also. Actually, there is no evidence as such on any problems and issues pregnant women doing the treatment. It is always good to get yourself check with your doctor and then perform the treatment.

Is waxing safe during pregnancy?

It is the most important point as when you are pregnant you will have a hairy body. So you might be thinking about laser treatment. But knowing the side effects of this procedure, you might be hunting for alternative methods. Temporary methods like shaving, threading, waxing are safe to be used when you are pregnant. While doing this treatment its also know the creams or the wax used for waxing or shaving may cause a burning sensation, irritation, allergies etc. Make sure you discuss with your dermatologist and be on safer hand.


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