What is the best time to get Laser Hair Removal?


Questions, Treatment | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 5, 2021

In today’s life, it’s really challenging to go to the beauty parlour every time for removing your unwanted hairs. Laser treatment is the best to remove your unwanted hairs. Now you must be wondering what is the best time to get laser hair removal done? Today Dr Dhanjay Chavan will explain to you about laser treatment. Read this blog until the end to understand about laser hair removal treatment. 

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You are tired using waxing, shaving and tweezing your hairs? The laser is one of the treatments which will help you to remove your unwanted hairs. The laser helps to target the hair follicles to destroy the hair roots. With the help of laser light you can destroy the hair follicles permanently. When the laser beam is applied to skin that needs to be made free of hair growth, usually facial and axillary hair, or hair on the chest and back, it is absorbed by the hair follicle which then dries and falls off. This is possible not in one session, you need multiple session then only your follicle will get destroyed.

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How long does laser hair removal last?

Laser hair removal lasts for years and can be permanent if done with US FDA approved technology. Generally, laser treatment is a safe and effective treatment to remove your hairs. If you are getting your laser treatment for the first time then make your you shave your hairs and then only get your treatment done. It generally lasts for years together but multiple sessions will be required depending on your hair growth and density of your hairs. If you are not suffering from PCOD problems then you can maintain your hairs from growth. In PCOD cases, as hormones fluctuate so after laser hair removal also you may get hair growth. You may require 6 to 8 no of sessions on any part of the body to remove your hairs. But for males, you may require more sessions as their hairs are thicker than the females.

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What is the laser hair removal frequency?

As much as we love the hair on our heads, I’m sure we’ve all wished at some point that we could do without that precious hair everywhere else on our body, have simply clear, smooth skin, and get to skip out forever on all the waxing and shaving. Repeated sessions of laser therapy reduce hair growth to a great extent. The frequency of each session is one month, as after treatment mostly it takes one month for hairs to grow back. As you start with the treatment the duration of the session may increase.
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Best time to get laser hair removal done

The best time to opt for the therapy is during the anagen phase of hair growth. Basically, the hair growth cycle has three phases: anagen, where active hair growth occurs; catagen where the growth stops and hair that goes into the resting phase is telogenThe reliable way to know when your hair is in its growth phase is to wait till there is maximum hair growth. Targeting the hair follicles at this opportune time ensures optimum results in its removal.
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