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Does Transplanted Hair Fall Out

Does Transplanted Hair Fall Out? Hair fall is natural function of body as it is common to lose anywhere between 50-100 hairs every day. And even though Hair Transplant is a permanent and effective solution to baldness, your transplanted hair will fall out...

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Advanced FAQs about Hair transplant HairMD Pune

Why you are your own donor for a hair transplant  A Hair Transplant attracts a lot of questions and curiosity. Here are some of the very common questions asked regarding the science behind hair transplant: Why we need our own hair for transplant?  There is...

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What to do for choosing hair transplant clinic

The Do’s and Don't of choosing a Hair Transplant Clinic. It is not very hard to make poor decisions by taking the wrong advice or by simply doing incomplete research. In the case of hair transplant those, mistakes can prove very expensive and harmful. Here are...

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