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Why men go bald HairMD Pune

[hupso]  Why do men go bald? If you are reading this, you are probably wondering about your receding hairline and sudden hair loss. No one likes being bald, except Vin Diesel!  We are sure you are wondering why this may be happening to you. Well, some of the reasons...

Beware! Your medications might be the reason for your hair fall!

[hupso] Beware! Your medications might be the reason for your hair fall! While most of us go by the saying ignorance is a bliss it wouldn't hurt to gather a little more information on the drugs we are consuming. Your consistent hair fall might hold the tiniest of...

Hidden causes of hair loss!

[hupso] Here is the list of Hidden causes of hair loss! Hair loss and baldness can be tough to deal with. The most common reasons behind it are male-pattern baldness or genetic baldness. However, it can also be caused by the majority of other reasons which in long...

Castor oil- Is it a myth or real cure for progressing baldness?

[hupso] Castor oil - A natural remedy for male pattern baldness?   It is a common phenomenon to experience hair loss around the age of thirty-five years. So should you be worried about it? No, the science of genes imparts this unique feature to your body. However,...

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