How to Get Rid of Split Ends throughout Hair?


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | April 26, 2023

Split ends cause the hair to fork off and feel rough and dry at the tips. The hair appears in the shape of the letter Y at the tips and gets tangled quite easily. The hair may fork off into two or more branches or each split end may further split, causing the hair to appear as though having multiple branches at the tips. r. What causes split ends? They are caused by dry and brittle hair tips. Other split ends causes include extreme weather conditions, exposure to chemical products and hair treatments like straightening, curling and blow-drying. What deficiency causes split ends? A lack of biotin (vitamin B7) can lead to brittle, thin and split hair.

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Split ends cannot be fully repaired which is why, split end cutting proves to be effective in getting rid of them. Split ends in hair can rather be prevented through simple measures like gentle brushing, keeping the hair moisturized, avoiding frequent heat treatments and chemical hair products, being gentle on the hair after they are washed and detangling the hair before drying, combing or styling. While some may be able to stay away from split ends with the help of tips like these and proper hair care, others may still experience hair damage, causing the hair to fork off, taper or get thinner. If you are one of them, you must be wanting to know how to get rid of split ends and what are the best split ends treatments.

How to Remove Split Ends?

  • How to remove split ends at home, if you ask, the best way is to trim the hair and cut the split hair. Is it good to cut out split ends?
  • How to remove split ends yourself, if you ask, hair masks could be your answer. However, note that although considered as a split ends remover, hair masks help hydrate the hair and can conceal split ends or prevent them. Hair masks help in deep conditioning the hair, restore moisture in the hair and strengthen the hair shafts. Leave-in conditioners also serve to hydrate and strengthen the hair. Thus, hair masks and leave-in conditioners do not achieve split ends removal but can surely help in concealing split hair and preventing their occurrence.
  • Conditioning the hair is a good way to get rid of split ends. Split ends mean that the hair requires hydration and conditioners hydrate the hair, thus helping against getting split ends.
  • Protecting the hair from the sun and heat, helps stay away from split ends.
  • The use of chemicals and straightening products or procedures should be minimal, so as to prevent split ends in hair.
  • It is advisable to not shower very often and avoid washing the hair with very hot water.
  • The hair should be combed in the correct way. It is advisable to brush the lower part of the hair first, to remove knots, and then comb the rest of the hair.
  • An oil massage soothes the hair, hydrates it and helps in preventing split ends.
  • An effective tip to avoid the split ends from worsening is to avoid picking at them. Any action that causes friction in the hair can damage the hair strands leading to more split ends.
  • Applying a light serum after shampooing the hair, can reduce the risk of developing split ends in the hair.
  • Adopt a healthy diet to maintain the health of your hair. Keratin, being an important component of hair, a diet rich in proteins helps in keeping the hair smooth, shiny and strong. Vitamins like biotin are important for hair health, as well as minerals like zinc, iron and selenium. So the daily diet should comprise these nutrients as well.

So, this was an overview of what are split ends, and how to get rid of them. You must have seen that there is no split ends treatment, although you can cut them off or conceal them. How to get rid of split ends naturally, if you ask, tips like oiling, conditioning and protection from heat and chemicals, can help. Since there is no cure for split ends in hair, the best way is to prevent them. If you are seeking expert advice on split ends removal, consult a dermatologist. For all your queries related to any hair condition, one of the best places to approach is HairMD. They have a team of experienced dermatologists who can guide you well on each step of your journey towards attaining healthy and beautiful hair.

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