Dr. Dhananjay Chavan, MBBS, DVD

Dr. Dhananjay Chavan, MBBS, DVD

Dr Dhananjay Chavan is the founder and Managing Director of HairMD. With over 34 years of experience practicing dermatology and serving lakhs of patients, he is one of India's leading and most trusted dermatologists.

Dr. Chavan's expertise includes hair restoration therapies and hair transplant. He specializes in FUE hair transplants and has completed lakhs of hair transplants. Dr. Chavan's holistic approach focuses on results while ensuring adherence to appropriate, latest, and transparent dermatology practices.

His empathetic treatment and personalized approach toward every patient make him a standout. It is also one of the reasons for his success as a dermatologist and the difference he has made in the life of every patient he has served.

"Correction Of Physical Appearance And Making It Aesthetically Perfect Is Not A Mere Status Issue, Its About Making Your Soul Comfortable In Your Body."
- Dr. Dhananjay Chavan

Early Career

Dr. Dhananjay Chavan hails from Koparde, a village in Maharashtra. He was an academically bright student with a special inclination toward medical studies. In 1981, he secured a place for himself for MBBS (a big achievement back then!) and studied dedicatedly to qualify as a dermatologist. Later, he enrolled and completed his MD from the BJ Medical College in Pune.

Initially, Dr. Chavan worked as a consulting dermatologist in a private hospital in Karad. But his talent, skills, and visionary approach disallowed him from continuing his job. Eventually, with an aspiration to contribute more significantly, Dr. Chavan established Clear Skin and HairMD. With a modest beginning and a single clinic in Karad, Clear Skin and HairMD have grown to become brands across the dermatology realm.

Today, HairMD is a team of globally trained, highly qualified, and experienced dermatologists who resonate with Dr. Chavan's approach. The clinic has treated lakhs of patients and conducted several dermatology surgeries successfully. Sustainable and effective results have been two of the most vital factors driving its success.

Career Highlights

Some of Dr. Chavan’s career highlights include the following.

  • 34 years of quantitative and qualitative experience
  • Extensive research and prolific contributions in cosmetology and dermatology
  • Active membership in many national and international dermatology associations
  • The credibility of treating nearly half a million patients
  • Hair Clinic HairMD India YouTube channel with 1.15 million subscribers