Using Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth – Benefits and Side Effects


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | December 31, 2022

Using Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth - Benefits and Side Effects

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There are several ways to combat hair loss and encourage hair growth but which one to use is often the question most people have, as which hair loss treatment would work best for you is mainly based on the type and severity of your hair condition and your overall health. Most people experiencing hair fall, before opting for medicines or medical treatments, look for natural cures and home remedies to restore hair growth. Certain essential oils like jojoba, coconut, rosemary, lavender, and coconut oil, are touted as some effective ways to treat hair fall. If you are thinking of using rosemary oil for hair growth, here we tell you how to, and also give you the benefits and potential side effects of rosemary oil for hair.

Benefits of Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth

  • Did you know that in Mediterranean culture, rosemary oil has been used in hair rinses for hundreds of years? Perhaps, the idea of using rosemary oil as a remedy for hair fall traces its roots to Mediterranean history.
  • Rosemary has anti-inflammatory properties, owing to which it can be used for reducing hair loss and promoting scalp health.
  • Massaging rosemary oil on the scalp improves blood circulation in the region, thus boosting hair growth.
  • This wonder oil is useful in treating a dry, itchy scalp.
  • It is helpful in preventing premature greying of the hair.
  • Rosemary essential oil can also help in treating dandruff.
  • Carnosic acid found in the rosemary plant is useful in healing tissue and nerve damage. Due to this property of rosemary, its application on the scalp and hair, rejuvenates the nerves in the scalp, thus promoting hair growth.
  • Rosemary leaf extract has been found to boost hair growth in mice.

How to Use Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth?

  • One way to use rosemary oil for hair growth is to massage it directly on the hair and scalp. For this, a few drops of rosemary oil should be mixed with a carrier oil and applied to the hair, allowed to sit for 5-10 minutes and then rinsed.
  • Rosemary oil can be added to any hair product like a shampoo or conditioner, in the proportion of 2-3 drops per ounce of that hair product. This is another way to use rosemary oil for hair growth.
  • The other way to use rosemary oil for hair is to use it in a homemade hair product, like a shampoo or conditioner recipe which uses rosemary and other essential oils.

Rosemary Oil for Hair: Side Effects

  • Rosemary oil can cause itching and irritation to the eyes. So don’t allow it to enter the eyes and if it does, quickly rinse your eyes.
  • The oil can lead to skin irritation. To prevent this, dilute rosemary oil with carrier oil.
  • It may not be safe for pregnant and nursing women to use rosemary oil for hair growth.
  • Those with epilepsy or high blood pressure are advised against using rosemary oil for hair.
  • Taking rosemary oil in huge quantities can cause sun sensitivity, skin redness, and vomiting.
  • It can cause allergic reactions.


This was an overview of the benefits and side effects of using rosemary oil for hair growth. It is best to consult an expert before using this oil as a remedy for hair fall. One of the best places to get the answers to all your questions about hair loss and hair regrowth is HairMD. They have a team of experienced dermatologists who specialize in treating hair conditions. Their reliable advice and hair loss treatments will help you attain healthy and beautiful hair.

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