Hair Care Tips for Summer Season


Blog, Guide | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 27, 2023

Summer Hair Care Tips

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Hair Care in Summers 

Summer has set in, and it is the time of the year you need to take extra care of your hair and scalp to make your mane look at its very best. The intense humidity in the summer season affects hair hydration, increasing the breakability of hair. During this season, excessive exposure to the sun can damage your hair’s natural shield. Let’s find out some effective hair care tips.

Hair Care in Summers 

We’ve got to prioritise our hair, as nobody wants damaged hair. Here are some awesome hair care tips for summers that will help you protect and care for your beguiling hair this summer. Save it from dust and sunlight the right way as they need to be protected equally – of course, nobody likes rough, tangible, and oily hair and a sweaty, oily scalp. We don’t want you to have a bad hair day, so be ready to take charge and start taking care.

Limit Cosmetics

Summers naturally dry your mane out and damage them. So, one of the most effective tips for healthy hair during summer is to ensure you go easy on any harsh chemical-based hair products during this time. Avoid colouring your hair. If at all you want to get your hair coloured, try to decrease its frequency as much as possible.

Invest in Good Conditioners

Choose good conditioner for hair

Choose proper hair conditioners that can contain sunscreen to shield your hair from harmful UV rays. As the sun dries out your mane, ensure you hydrate your hair and usher life in it by picking a rinse-out conditioner. Go for one that suits your hair type and nature. If you are going for a swim, wear a swimming cap and use a leave-in conditioner on your hair.

Shampoo with Care

Too much washing your hair with shampoo will cause more harm than good as it dries your scalp and hair more. If you sweat more on the scalp and your hair gets greasy, you prefer a mild shampoo that is good for summer and is suitable for daily use. 

Control Frizz

The hot summer makes your mane extra dry, making it look frizzy. One of the most useful hair care tips in trying to minimise your hair from becoming too frizzy is by tying it up. Style your hair from braids to ponytails to knots and buns. This ensures the reduction of sweat on the scalp.

Take Plenty of Fluids

Take plenty of fluids

As part of hair care in summer, you may be doing all of these to guard your hair against the sun, but it’s not worth the trouble if you are not adequately hydrated. Your mane will get largely benefitted from drinking sufficient water and other fluids, thus keeping you cool and maintaining your hair healthy and well-hydrated. 

Avoid Heat Treatment 

Make an effort to blow-dry your hair as little as possible. It is already subjected to a substantial amount of heat on a regular basis in the summer, and it will likely air-dry quickly anyway, so skip the blow dryer and go natural if possible. Avoid flat irons as well, as they will cause additional damage to already-dry hair. 

Cover Hair for Protection from Sun

When you’re out in the sun, cover your head with a scarf or hat. This not only provides additional UV protection, but it also aids in the retention of moisture in your scalp. A hat reduces wind damage, particularly if your hair is vulnerable to tangling, and protects colour-treated hair.

Parting Thoughts

Sun damage to hair can be a little difficult to reverse, but it is also not impossible. Don’t expect results in a day or two. Continue with these hair care tips in the summer, and you will see results eventually. If you are experiencing excessive hair, book your consultation with HairMD Pune today!

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