Smoking and Hair Loss- All Questions Answered


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 23, 2023

Smoking & Hair Loss Unveiling the Truth & Providing Answers

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What is Hair Loss? 

Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

Is Hair Loss Due to Smoking Reversible? 

What are the Treatments for Hair Loss due to Smoking?

How to Quit Smoking to Stop Hair Loss?

Hair loss has become a widespread problem these days. Good hair not only makes you look beautiful and adds to your self-esteem. Continue with the blog to learn everything about smoking and hair loss

What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a hair condition where more than 100 hair strands fall out daily with no signs of regrowth, leading to baldness. Hair loss occurs due to disturbance in the natural hair growth cycle that consists of three phases- growth, rest, and fall. Many external and internal factors may lead to hair loss, some of which can be reversed while others can only be slowed down. 

Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

Yes, smoking causes hair loss due to a lot of reasons, including:

  • It Triggers Androgenetic Alopecia 

Nicotine present in cigarettes and tobacco triggers androgenetic alopecia, which is referred to as a male pattern of baldness. 

  • Oxidative Stress 

Oxidative stress due to smoking activates free radicals that attack hair follicles and cause hair loss. 

  •  Reduced Blood Flow

Smoking cause hair by reducing blood flow. Smoking may build plaque in blood vessels, leading to severe cardiac problems and reduced blood flow to the scalp. 

  • Makes Hair Brittle and Dry 

Reduced blood flow and smoke particles make hair brittle, dry and dull, which falls out easily. 

Is Hair Loss Due to Smoking Reversible?

Is Hair Loss Due to Smoking Reversible?

Hair loss due to smoking can be reversed if the damage is due to poor blood circulation, stress or brittle hair due to smoke particles. If you stop smoking, hair may regrow; however, you must follow a healthy lifestyle and diet to promote good hair health. On the other hand, if smoking has caused androgenetic alopecia, then it can only be slowed down with dermatological treatments

What are the Treatments for Hair Loss due to Smoking?

The following treatments can treat smoking and hair loss:

  • Medications 

Minoxidil and finasteride are the common topical medications prescribed by dermatologists.

  • Laser Therapy and Hair Transplant 

Low-level laser therapy and hair transplant are some options that you can go for. 

  • Lifestyle Management 

Reducing stress by performing yoga and exercises, involving yourself in activities and consuming a proper diet can also help.

How to Quit Smoking to Stop Hair Loss?

Smoking causes hair loss due to the presence of nicotine in it. You can quit smoking by trying support therapies, nicotine replacement gums and inhalers, and medications helping to quit smoking. Avoiding smoking environments, keeping yourself busy, and therapies like acupuncture can also help. 

If you suffer from excessive hair loss and want to know if there is a connection between smoking and hair loss, you must visit an expert dermatologist immediately. The hair doctor will help you treat the cause to prevent permanent damage. 

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